Blur, the Brit Pop Veterans all set for a new album?

The news that Blur are on the verge of recording a new album has excited many music fans. The ‘Brit Pop Veterans are currently continuing their grand reunion for a second summer. Their last album Think Tank released in 2003 marked guitarist Coxon’s departure and the subsequent separation of the group. However newly reunited, they are as strong as ever.

The release of the song ‘Under The Westway’ for the Olympic Closing ceremony, seemed to cement the idea of a new Blur album, however since then, all has gone quiet, until now.

As Blur continue their summer tour with classics like Parklife and Song 2, their fans have waited for some new tunes, and hopefully another classic.

Lead singer Damon Albarn’s ‘other band’ aka Gorillaz, an animated collection of masterpieces has continued its reign by releasing many a unique song, until 2012 when a falling out stopped the band from making any new tunes, a great shame to many. However does this then mean that Albarn will focus on Blur projects more- thus resulting in a new album masterpiece?

Only time will tell, but as we all wait with bated breath for this album to be released, the thoughts on everyones minds is will they still have that brit-pop magic? Or is it just simply a rouse? The only certainty I have is that I will most definitely review their ‘upcoming album’. So watch this space.

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