It’s not JUST Radio

Let me tell you a little bit about myself… I’m a third year radio student studying in Scotland. I LOVE radio, everything about it. Being a radio student you’re taught from the start that the only way to get anywhere is to network, network and yep you guessed it network. You’re also given the opportunity of events and festivals to attend all year, one of which is the Creative Loop Student Media Festival.

It’s normally held in Glasgow and it’s spread over two days. This year it was the 8th and 9th of May at the CCA building in Glasgow City centre. They have a series of sessions with guest speakers spread over the two days with a mixture of TV and radio spread throughout. There were so many guest speakers but the main two that stood out to me was Gina Mckie and John Myers. These two people have been in the radio business for years! Gina has been around for the last 20 and John for more than 30 years! That’s just insane! I was excited to hear what they had to say but I hadn’t realised just how huge these two people were!

Gina spoke about having the right attitude for the media world ie your confidence. Like any group of people the range of confident and shy people were astounding. Gina asked to raise our hands if we were 10/10 confident, only a few people put up their hands and then she asked who would rate themselves lower? One girl said she would give her confidence a 6. Next Gina spoke about how to get your confidence levels up and ways of achieving that. As well as being incredibly intelligent and insightful of the industry she was funny, passionate, bubbly and as much as you can call a woman charming she was charming! She had rare qualities that I struggle to find in people these days but she just had it all. At the end of what was one of my best hours at the festival she said everyone should email her and she’ll be looking out for updates on the people who said they had low confidence. What a gem! It shocked me that she was so open about people emailing her and asking for advice, especially because of her status in the media world! I turned to my good friend John Collins and said “wow” he simply nodded and smiled “told you you would like her”.

John Myers was amazing too. Funny, charming, down to earth and easy to approach with questions. Of course he was completely intimating when I understood the magnitude of who he is and what he’s done in the radio world. When I did understand holy cheese on a cracker I was beyond star struck that this man, this legend had taken time out of his schedule to talk to us about his experiences and any advice he had for us. John spoke was ‘in conversation’ for this session so he was just answering questions. My goodness he gave amazing answers, full of wisdom and funny stories! I could of listened to him all day. Alas it had to end. The ending was bitter sweet as he had brought copies of his new book ‘TEAM It’s only radio!’ for everyone who was in the session and yes he personally signed it for everyone. Oh and by the way you have to get that book if you’re into media. It’s not just about radio I can bet there is advice on just how to get a leg up in this really hard world!

All in all this festival has brought back the passion, the drive and the silly incredibly large ambitions I have for my career! It’s not JUST about radio but it’s about your connections, it’s about the journey and it’s about the experience and tips you pick up along the way! I am so excited about it and I just wish people in all aspects of life would be excited, driven and passionate. At the end of the night of the last day we all went for a drink in the nearest pub that sold Guinness (other brands are available) and I managed to secure another two bands for my radio show at university, completely by chance and coincident. That was the confirmation I needed. I’m totally doing what I’m meant to do!

My question is are you?

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