Leave Us Introverts Alone!

Goldfish Bowls Illustrating the Introvert and Extrovert Personalities

Hello. My name’s Laura, I’m 23 year’s old and I’m… an Introvert. *Gasp* Good god. An Introvert? Hurry up, move away, it’s contagious. Did you know that if you look an Introvert directly in the eyes, you’ll blossom warts all over your face and lose your left leg? No really, it will just drop off there and then. No warning, no hesitation, just “thump”. Of course I’m only joking and putting into words exactly how many people respond to people who would fall into the category of “Introvert”. As a proud Introvert, I am going to address a number of statements/questions posed by people who cannot understand the introverted way of thinking and living. All quietly of course because Introverts are “too shy” to say what they think.


Why Are You So Quiet?

Apparently not being loud and obnoxious is something undesirable in today’s world. If you’re level-headed and reserve your judgements and statements until it’s appropriate to reveal them, you’re then deemed to be “too quiet”. I find that completely ridiculous. When you look at obviously extraverted people in the media, such as George W. Bush Jr., they just chat on about any kind of rubbish. Example: “They misunderestimate me” (November 6th, 2001). Another example: “I know what I believe. I will continue to articulate what I believe and what I believe – I believe what I believe is right.” (July 22nd, 2001). I think he enjoys the word ‘believe’. Here we can see that Bush would have benefited a great deal from taking the time to think about what he was about to say, before spouting out inane nonsense. Being reserved and quiet isn’t a bad thing. In fact, I think it’s a sign of being diplomatic and wise. Not to say that every Introvert is the equivalent to the Dalai Lama, however they are considerate enough to not impose needless noise onto the delicate ears of others.


Why Do You Have No Friends?

Just because somebody doesn’t have thousands of Facebook “friends”, does not mean they do not have any. In fact, Introverts enjoy the quality of their relationships. They probably only find common ground with a select few people, who enjoy similar things and share the same values. This isn’t a bad thing, as much as people like to make out. To me, anybody who claims to have hundreds of friends (genuine friends here, not Twitter followers and such) is actually emotionally unstable. Why feel the need to lie about the closeness and quality of your personal relationships? You are not “best” friends with Phil from LinkedIn, just because he endorsed you for your “creative writing” skills. I’m afraid that doesn’t count as a friendship in my book, or any sane person’s book. Perhaps it is you, Mr Extravert, who feels lonely and has no real and meaningful relationships. Don’t take it out on the group of us who genuinely value deep friendships with the couple of people we actually enjoy being around.


Why Are You So Boring?

Extraverts like to go out. That’s no secret. They enjoy being in loud clubs, filled with shouting girls and drunk students. Just because Introverts choose to spend their free time and Friday nights in other ways, does not make them boring. So what if they enjoy reading a good book and curling up on their sofa? Whilst you’re out numbing your brain with alcohol and thumping music, they’re expanding the connections in theirs by reading. Well, this only applies if you’re reading something of substance as opposed to “Fifty Shades Of Grey” and other literary failings. Whilst you, Mr Extravert, may enjoy doing the same thing every weekend and have Sunday as your “hangover day” Introverts enjoy peaceful environments. Don’t be surprised to find them venturing through museums or little boutique shops of their choosing. Don’t even be surprised if they’re doing this alone. This doesn’t make them boring. In fact, it makes them completely interesting. Somebody who can live inside their own head on a day to day basis probably has a lot of interesting thoughts and theories, based on their own unique experiences.


Why Are You So Jumpy All Of The Time?

Introverts are the most overstimulated type of people. No, we’re not talking sexually here. During my Psychology degree, I learnt about a guy called Hans Eysenck. In scientific mumbo-jumbo he found that Introverts have a constant higher activation of the receding articular activating system (arousal systems) than Extroverts. Simply put, Introverts are generally always more stimulated than Extroverts. This explains my lack of enjoyment when I go clubbing, as I quickly become overstimulated and stressed. Due to this high base level of arousal, I find myself on edge a lot of the time. When you jump out at me, I probably am going to scream. When you creep up behind me and attempt to tickle me (personal space issues, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!), I will also jump. If I’m walking through my house late at night and you’re suddenly in the doorway, I will also jump. Well, not ‘you’ as it would be very creepy if you found yourself at the foot of my bed. You get the gist of what I’m saying though. Being on edge is normal for Introverts, as that is how our brain chemistry has evolved. We have zero control over this, so don’t ridicule us for it. We have feelings. We are people too!

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