The Last 10 minutes of an exam


I sat an exam today. It was terrifying. Trying to remember all the points and all my quotes and references. The first topic I was banking on answering was a total curve ball and asked me about an author I hadn’t read for it… How on earth was I to know he would be mentioned? I had to go with my back up topics… Fast forward an hour and 50 minutes and that’s where I am, counting down the seconds until my summer kicks in.

The last 10 minutes are funny. Personally I’m dying to get home so I can eat but all around me people are scribbling frantically and annoyingly the boy to my left keeps bouncing up and down and wiggling around… Anybody have a gun? I’ll be humane about it honestly. Anyway, people who are clearly failing like the guy to my right who has made a helicopter out of a pen and a tag you attach two pieces of paper together with, yeah I don’t know either.

Oh just looked up at the clock…6 mins! Yes I’m writing this on the back of the questions given to us and yes I’m almost talking to myself but disguising it as an article and yes if you need to know I am narrating it too. Does that make me silly or passionate? I’m still trying to work it out in my head. 5 mins! Now I’m watching the second hand tick by so slowly… That clock doesn’t know how much power it has. Oh dear somebodies phone just rang, I hate that. 4 mins! It feels like I’m a school kid waiting for 3 o’clock so I can run home. What shall I eat when I go home? Peanut butter and jam you say on toast? Oh go on then you’ve twisted my arm.

OMG 2 mins!

Wait, that means I’m nearly 4th year. That’s a scary year! Wait I’m 21 on Thursday, 3 days, just 3 days and i’ll be an ‘adult’. Oh wow that is scary.

Hmm do I look up at the clock to torment myself or will I just keep my head down? Okay here we go… OMG 30 SECONDS left! 28…27… I can’t wait to get out of here… 15…14… It’s nearly summer I can enjoy the sun…10…9…See you next term uni! 3…2…1!



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