No Money, No Problem: Essentials for 99p or Less!

As we all know, we’re living in pretty tight times economically and that can be said again for those of us who are struggling students, unemployed and out of education or a manner of things that just leave us counting the penny’s more often than we’d like to admit. Fear not! I’ve rustled up a quick list of several necessities we all need that we might be paying for at a higher cost than necessary. Keep your coins and save up by cutting a few corners with these purchases.



You can buy a bar of ‘Pear’ soap for only 40p at your local Boots …(I should know I bought one today).

You can also get bar’s of Dove for around 60p/70p from a lot of corner shop’s.



Boots have a great unisex, ‘own brand’ that cost’s only 69-89p depending on how your nearest Boots marks it up! It’s lovely and fresh, keeps you dry and is actually a lot better than some of the more expensive brands.

Tesco also do an ‘Everyday Value’ range which is not as great smelling or functioning as the Boots brand but it is only 41p!


Cleaning & Household Products (Disinfectant/All Purpose Cleaner etc)

All purpose disinfectant from Tesco or Sainsbury’s from as little as 27p down to 60p

Bleach 60p in local supermarket’s

Tesco’s Own Brand Soap Powder – 98p (usually in the smaller ‘Express/Metro’ stores …surprisingly)

In some 99p shops you can get 3 things for 99p under the drug aisle i.e. paracetamol, ibuprofen and flu tablets

If you suffer from Hayfever and don’t feel like paying £3 or so for some damn tablets (like me) you can get Boots or Tesco own brand for 99p (around 7 in a pack) Tesco used to do 30 in a pack for 28p (BIG SIGH)



A lot of workout dvd’s can be found in places like Poundland – a lot of top names in the Exercise DVD industry like Nell McAndrew and Davina etc can be found for just 99p! They may not be the current release but they are usually no more than 2 years old. And I mean… a workout is a workout!

Beauty Supply Stores – there are many outlets around town (my knowledge is only of London – sorry for those of you in other regions) but these are usually quite big outlets which have rows and rows…AND ROWS of all types of cosmetics, beauty and hair supplies etc. You can get big tubs of cream, natural soaps, huge cans of deodorant etc for such a knocked down price.  There are some located in; Chatsworth Road – Hackney, Tottenham High Road (The Beauty Supply), Barking – The Vicarage Field Shopping Centre, Enfield High Road and many more.


There’s a lot of money to be saved if you just know where to look!

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