The great dress and trainers debate

As a student, it’s fair to say that I’ve seen more nights out than 9am lectures. Whether it’s celebrating the fact you’ve finally submitted that 2,000 word essay of waffle, a flat mate’s birthday or simply because it’s Friday, there really exists little justification for going out and drinking your body weight in vodka. I suppose the line “I’m a student” is excuse enough for some.

So with this is mind, heels have become somewhat of a myth for my university wardrobe and in fact most nights out you’ll find me indeed pairing a dress with my grubby Converse. Apparently however, this is something boys cannot get their heads around.

To put in lightly, vodka is a challenge enough for me, let alone to throw six inch heels into the equation. Should the occasion occur when Sean Paul comes on and the urge to “dutty wine” is too overpowering to ignore, I’m going to head straight to the dance floor and throw some shapes that will have inevitable consequences for my dignity the next morning. The thing is, as much as I love to dress up, on occasion I also just want to throw on my Converse, dance like an idiot and trainers are the perfect shoe for just that. Not to mention when some moron spills their drink down your peep toe heels and you’ve got wet, and probably sticky, feet for the duration of the night. To put it simply, sometimes comfort prevails, especially when Sean Paul’s songs are concerned.

Looks wise I will agree it is a little harder to pull off. The whole trainers and dress combination is a bit reminiscent of Lily Allen in her ‘Smile’ era where she famously donned Nike airs alongside a puffy prom style dress. It can be a tricky one to pull off and I’m not in any way suggesting that the slinky black bodycon hanging in your wardrobe should ever be worn alongside your high tops, save that for another night. But when you’re heading down to the SU on a whim, throw on a skater dress, add the Converse and stop caring about how you look. Far too many occasions at university, I’m a shot (or five) past caring how I look and am all about singing my heart out to One Direction. As much as I love my heels, they are a foe where drunken nights are involved. In fact, I love my heels to much to ever let them grace the likes of Oceana, where it’s likely the floor will be splattered with alcohol by midnight anyway.

So regardless of whether the male population considers a dress and trainers ‘just wrong’ for a night out, I’d sooner wear that than rock the whole ‘Bambi on ice’ as I struggle to maintain the risky combination of heels, alcohol and poise.

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