Will Amanda Bynes Become A Member Of The 27 Club?

It’s hard to ignore really, isn’t it? If she isn’t engaging in Twitter wars with the celebrity of her choosing, she’s throwing bongs out of her apartment window. Yet, she claims to be completely sane and the victim of cruel lies. Is there some truth to this? I mean, Michael Jackson claimed for years and years that somebody, or some organisation, was out to get him and ruin his reputation. Then, as he was thrust into the spotlight with his comeback show, he mysteriously died. What about Marilyn Monroe too? She always claimed to be very sane, however stated that people wanted to make her look emotionally unstable. Not long after that she died in questionable circumstances. Upon her death the actress gained access to the only club you would never want to join; the 27 Club. People obtaining membership need only possess three requirements: to be a long-suffering and tortured musician/actor, to struggle with substance abuse and to be the age of 27. Well guess what? Amanda Bynes ticks all of those boxes. Is she going to be the next member of this ill-fated infamous group of people?


Twitter Wars: Rihanna Vs Amanda Bynes… Ding Ding!

It was only the other day that Amanda Bynes attacked Rihanna on Twitter, saying: “@rihanna you look so ugly tryin to be white” before moving on and stating “@rihanna Chris Brown beat you because you’re not pretty enough”. After each Tweet, Amanda deleted it however they had already been screenshot and shared amongst the social networking community. Now, although we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes and whether this was provoked by Rihanna in any way, it’s a bit much to start putting that out there when you have almost two million followers on Twitter. Rihanna got her say in, by hitting back with: “Ya see what happens when they cancel intervention?” to which Amanda continued: “Unlike ur fugly faced self I don’t do drugs! U need the intervention dog! I met ur fugly face in person! U aren’t pretty u know it!” This erratic Twitter behaviour isn’t something that’s happened recently. Oh no. Amanda Tweeted Canadian Rapper Drake to say she wants him to “murder” her vagina, as well as posting endless pictures of him. Obsessive much?


The Unkempt Wig

If you want to wear a wig, fair enough. However, if you were a child star with seemingly quite a lot of money, it would be logical to buy one that didn’t look like a bird’s nest. No joke, Amanda Bynes wears a wig that looks like straw every place possible. I watched one amusing video the other week on YouTube (search Amanda Bynes at the gym) where she was on a treadmill, wearing this head accessory, and her arms were flailing all over the place. She looked insane, I’m not going to lie. The wig also made an appearance in her latest police mug shots, as well as many press photos that circulated the web upon her arrest. She even wore it to a court hearing! Why on earth, when wanting people to think you are of sound mind, would you wear something so vile to any kind of legal proceedings? Even after being arrested, her worry was more about the wig as she Tweeted that she needed “Nicki Minaj’s wig person stat! ;P”


Substance Abuse

The reason for her arrest recently was that she had thrown a foot-long bong out of her apartment window. Or at least, she’d been accused of that. In fact, Amanda went so far as to say that the NYPD police man who arrested her had “grabbed my vagina” days prior to the incident and then come back to arrest her. The arrest began after building officials of her apartment called the police to complain that the troubled young woman was rolling a joint and smoking pot in the lobby. Whilst we probably won’t ever know the full extent of what happened, it is quite apparent that she does have a substance abuse problem. In 2012 she was arrested for countless incidents of drunk driving and hit and run, as well as driving on a suspended license. However, Amanda has always been adamant that she should never have been arrested for these offences and she is the victim of lies. It doesn’t take a genius to look at her right now, compare it to three years ago, and come to the conclusion that she is a drug addict.


Obsession With Appearance

As you can tell from Amanda’s numerous Twitter attacks on Rihanna, she seems to be quite preoccupied with appearance. This extends to her own Twitter feed, as she regularly posts pictures of herself with nearly nothing covering her body. With captions such as “I look hawt!” and other similar statements, it gives the impression that the actress is worried with always wanting to look her best. This is why I can’t comprehend her relationship with the straw wig. Either way, it’s not healthy. She’s constantly at the gym and if she is taking drugs, then I’m guessing she won’t have much of an appetite. Therefore she’s going to lose a lot of weight and that won’t be good for her. After appearing in her latest mug shots, she took to Twitter to say that she needed a nose job after seeing the pictures. This is completely delusional. She’s been involved with many drug related legal proceedings, yet her focus is on how she physically looks. Now, I’m not attacking her or saying that I’m surprised. She has been in the media eye ever since she was a little girl and the pressure of that is overwhelming. It’s just a shame that loved ones haven’t stepped in yet and staged a much needed intervention.



I wouldn’t be surprised if Amanda Bynes became a member of the 27 Club before her next birthday, in April 2014. In fact, she has around 11 months to decline even deeper into the depths of whatever mental illness she is suffering from. I just hope somebody puts a stop to it before it’s too late.

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