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The music scene is currently seeing a new era of duets. Besides from the predictable Pitbull and Jlo collaboration, one we couldn’t have seen coming is from King of pop Robbie Williams and grime’s favourite Dizzee Rascal.

‘Goin Crazy’ is the follow up to Dizzee’s Baseline Junkie which was a bold comeback track – you either love it or hate it, personally I wanted to get it out of my head as soon as I heard the opening line. Similarly, this song creates a real marmite situation… You will love it or you will hate it. Initially I was really 50/50 – I’m a Robbie fan so felt like I couldn’t say I didn’t like it straight away. Therefore it pains me to say that it straight away reminded me of his ‘Rudebox’ days, attempting to earn a new, younger fan base by showing his rap ‘skills’.

Or it could be Dizzee trying to break into the pop scene even more. It seems they’re both going opposite ways to their previous solo tracks. That’s what makes me ask the question – who’s fans will be happy with the track? I can’t see Robbie’s main fan base of mums (plus myself) also enjoying Dizzee Rascal’s music. And I can’t imagine Dizzee’s younger, garage and grime fans, wanting to admit to liking a track with old Robbie Williams on it.

If the track does have success, it will be down to the catchiness of the tune. Even if people don’t want to like it, they’ll probably end up downloading it because it’s stuck in their head! I’m predicting that in a few weeks time we’ll all be singing along to ‘Goin Crazy’ whether we want to or not.

Next, is the – much talked about via twitter – collaboration of Professor Green and Miles Kane. Again, rap being joined by the opposing genre. But it works. Kane’s opening vocals make it immediately likeable for any fan of indie. Somehow Professor Green’s lyrics just fit in with the music, it makes us think why haven’t they worked together before! Seeing as they’re both playing a few of the festivals this year an onstage duet would go down brilliantly with a festival crowd, it’s one of those songs that played live would create such an atmosphere.

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