Why Pretty Little Liars Should Be Your Guilty Pleasure

Pretty Little Liars

Some of you may have already heard of it, whilst many of you are probably in the dark as to what ‘Pretty Little Liars’ actually is. As the title suggest, this TV show is about pretty girls who lie. What teenage girls aren’t hiding things? However, as fans find out, what lies beneath the surface of these sweet and innocent looking individuals is a dark secret. On paper it looks quite lame but once you begin to watch it, you’re hooked. I’m a 23 year old girl who has a grown-up job, yet I get excited the night before the latest episode airs. Why is this? Here’s exactly why…

Everybody on this show is attractive. Now, whilst I’m not a shallow person who believes a person’s value is decided by how attractive they are, it is nice to have a bit of eye-candy when getting attached to a show. Whether you’re a boy or girl, gay or straight, you will fancy somebody and then stalk the actor/actress who plays them on Twitter and Instagram.

Once we’ve moved past the superficial element, you find yourself developing feelings for these characters. What the show’s writers have done very well is develop the characters quite rapidly, so fans can see their growth as the seasons progress. It’s scarily easy to weep along with one of the girls, or hiss with hate at one of the many ‘villains’. It has such a pantomime vibe to it that you really have to go along with the fun and immerse yourself within the trials and tribulations of being an American teenager.

Leaving the characters behind for a second, there are so many twists and turns within the storylines that you’re always on the edge of your seat. The show was originally a series of books and some fans have argued there to be no differences between the two, which can leave many disappointed when watching the television series. However Marlene King, the director, has assured the audience that there will be significant differences and so we are always left guessing as to what these will be.

The show doesn’t shy away from death, as one would expect. There are some very dark themes that run throughout, which makes the show a little more believable. There are quite a lot of characters that get killed off, which is necessary for the stories to progress. I’d say ‘Pretty Little Liars’ falls into the ‘crime’ genre more than ‘teen drama’ to be honest, as I believe anybody of any age could watch it and be entertained.

However don’t worry, there are some very funny moments and hilarious one-liners that heavily feature. To balance out the serious and depressing moments, the likes of Ashley Benson grace the television screen with her fantastic ability to play up to the comedic elements of her character, Hanna Marin. In fact, there were times when I had a bit of déjà vu and called upon my memories of Mean Girls. I am one of the biggest Mean Girls fans ever and so for me to liken something to this cult classic, it must be really f**king good!

I can’t stress how good this show is. It’s summer soon and there will be periods of nothingness. Download ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and spend your time trying to fit together the many pieces of this fantastic teenage jigsaw, whilst quickly becoming unhealthily obsessed with a group of people who aren’t even real. It’s fun, trust me.

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