Mobile Politics

Mobile internet is amazing. There are few aspects of normal life that are not somehow enhanced and improved with instant access to the World Wide Web. However, your method of getting online is another story. It can be a gamble choosing which device is best for you.

There was a time when there were only two things you could never discuss in a public place, religion and sports, for fear of someone taking offence to what you support and starting a fight.

Now, heated arguments are had over mobile phones, laptops, tablets and music players. Even the types of headphones you wear can be used as a starting point to what brand is better. Everyone eavesdrops when people are talking about mobile phones or tablets, glancing at the tech on display in public places with a scornful, distaining look, or a respectful nod that says, “Hey! I’m in the same club as you.”

So what does your tech say about you? We don’t want to come down on one side… but we might.



Apple used to be the coolest brand. Achingly hip, with a price tag to let you know that the owner is super serious about their mobile technology and their appearance. However, since the sad demise of Steve Jobs, the fire seems to have gone out of Apple’s belly, with the latest iPhone release not ahead of the curve, tech wise, but playing catch up with some of their competitors. Perhaps when new CEO Tim Cook finds his feet Apple will reach the stratosphere again. However, people are betting against Apple in the tech wars.



The Samsung Galaxy has taken the world by storm. Now on its fourth iteration, Samsung’s products with their Android operating system are starting to catch up with Apple, both in sales and in hype. In terms of the tech, Samsung are on a par with Apple in some areas, worse or better in others. However, the plastic Galaxy feels in the hand cheaper-made than Apple’s aluminium products, so they do have an edge here. Some feel like Samsung are on the brink of rolling a double.



The granddad of the mobile phone world, Nokia have gone from being market leaders famed for their almost indestructible 3310 to playing catch up with their newer handsets which run Windows instead of iOS or Android. Maybe the move from Windows & to 8, with its tile-based home screen on PCs and laptops will get people used to the Windows mobile platform. It’s an outside bet, but we think that it might just be a winner.

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