Using Mobile Devices for Big Savings

The day of the paper coupon has passed. Now, savvy, technology driven consumers can save big on their grocery bills, restaurant meals and even doctor’s appointments by using their mobile device. There are a growing number of businesses that offer eCoupons, which can be used directly from your mobile device. They offer a wide array of options to save, which can really add up come check out time.


Grocery Savings

You can use your mobile device to search for coupons that you need for products that you are purchasing. One of the most popular sites is Ibotta, which not only offers coupons and discounts, but also cash back awards. You can simply show your cashier the savings on your phone and receive instant savings. The Cellfire Company allows you to select the coupons you want and simply access them when necessary. This is one of the easiest ways of coupon shopping.


Mall and Shopping Center Savings

There are also several discount coupons that are available for shopping centers and malls. For example, Target provides a huge selection of mobile coupons. These are delivered via text message to your phone, and ready to be used the next time you shop. All you have to do is allow the cashier to scan the barcode from your phone to receive the savings. More shopping centers have adding this type of savings; however, they must first use a mobile web design software for topnotch mobile website development, which allows their website to be accessed by cell phone users.


Restaurant Savings

There are also several restaurant services available with money saving offers via your mobile device. You can use sites such as and Foursquare to see which eating establishments in your area are offering discounts. These sites are also very helpful when you are traveling and provide coupon deals in many major cities around the world.


Other Savings

There are many other companies that are also taking advantage of this method to reach coupon using consumers. For example, Valpak, which has a long history of offering coupons through the mail, now offer eCoupons, as well. These coupons can be accessed through their website and offer the same great savings without the need for hanging on to paper versions.

While this method is growing in popularity there are still many cashiers who have never seen, or redeemed a mobile coupon. This technology is still fairly new, which means that you may experience delays when presenting these coupons for savings. Also, the process of using these coupons may be a bit hard at first. It is important to learn the proper way to download and use the coupons so that you do not run into any issues when redeeming them. However, given the high cost of printing and distributing paper coupons, more businesses are converting to this method of savings. There are many businesses that have completely adopted a paperless discount police, which is great news for the environment and can help you save big no matter where you shop.

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