Why You Should Wear Bakso

It can be quite difficult to find items of clothing that you won’t see somebody else wearing, especially considering high street retailers have pretty much taken over and redefined the idea of “fashion trends”. To combat this, I like to find independent outlets that sell interesting and unique designs. This is what led to me Bakso, an online retailer that sells a whole host of dynamic t-shirts. After scrolling through the company’s website, I was amazed at how much of the featured content I loved and wanted to share with my friends. I decided to extend this to a wider circle of people, as I am now writing to you about why Bakso is the place to shop!

Bakso designs are both bold and exciting, with the company’s tagline being “t-shirts that drip with style and individuality”. This is no word of a lie, as every single t-shirt is different and boasts a clever and distinctive concept. Whether you’re a boy or girl, Bakso will have something for you. I was lucky enough to be able to sample one design, titled ‘Punch & Judy’, which has now taken pride of place in my wardrobe…

Bakso T-Shirt

It’s pretty lush, right?! I know this may not be to everybody’s taste, as it plays on a love for comics, but you can’t deny the sheer talent involved with this particular tee. Not only does Bakso give choice back to the consumer, it also provides a fantastic new platform for artists to promote their work. Instead of your clothes being designed by somebody who has no intention of ever wearing them, Bakso’s tops are created by artists who actually do wear the clothing.

Instead of wasting your money on something you will see a handful of people wearing as you walk down the street, put the cash to good use and invest in this eclectic mix of designs. If you do anything today, make sure you buy Bakso!

You can find Bakso at and also on Twitter: @BaksoLtd

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