Pay for Sex Policy: For Real?

As documentaries go, I stumbled on a right gem recently. British production groups don’t get enough exposure in my opinion and seeing this for the first time made me question why. Love Freely but Pay for Sex is a provocative piece filmed in over 50 London locations; one idea, one camera and Phoenix James one of Great Britain’s most imaginative and daring director/producers with the confidence to push boundaries. So will we have to pay for sex? Prostitution is documented as being the oldest profession but what if the government brought in a new Pay for Sex Policy for everyone with a pulse… legislation gone mad?

As if the emotional cost of having sex isn’t enough we will be expected to pay up when we fancy a bit of how’s your father with anyone other than a husband or wife. The word on the street is mixed depending on the background and values of those interviewed by amateur journalists and presenters who fearlessly hit the moral and social G Spot! Stimulating stuff from the opening scene and even though this is a serious look at what we could be facing in the future the odd Freudian slip of the camera reveals what the mind really wants; can any government control testosterone and hormone levels?

The first episode was ‘interesting’ but by the second my mind went into overdrive and panic! How will it work? How will the government know I’m doing it? Does this mean I will have to install CCTV in my house that is linked to the local council office? Will I be tagged with a device that bleeps when I touch his hand or give him a suggestive wink? I will probably be arrested and charged for breaking the Pay for Sex Policy? My first criminal record… oh the shame!

Is anyone else panicking with me? The beauty of this documentary is its ‘wicked’ dialogue making you forget that it is just a concept; you are transported to an idea which you now believe is the real deal and conspire in your own head how to get away with it. I’m not easily taken in but as I watched this unfold it prompted me to question the implications for a nation that doesn’t just want to love freely but also wants to express that love in a physical way. Yep, you will question the authenticity of this sexually and morally charged piece of independent film making too; hands down the best thing I’ve seen in sometime.

The truth is you can’t escape it, the Pay for Sex Policy is coming whether you like it or not! Phoenix James, Terracotta Kingdom & Phenzology Productions have opened up a can of worms that will have you and your mates debating your carnal rights in the local boozer and the filling discussions at dinner parties will leave no room for afters. But then again if sweetness is your weakness, it might end up costing you.

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