Katie Hopkins – The Horse-Faced Hypocrite

Former Apprentice “star” and journalist Katie Hopkins has recently sparked outrage after claiming she judges children by their names on This Morning.

In a chat with hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, Katie proudly admitted that she will judge a child by their name and, if they happen to have a name she deemed common or lower class, she would not allow her child to befriend them. She said: “A name is a shortcut, a really efficient way of working out what class that child comes from and do I want my child to play with them.”

The clip of the interview has gone viral on YouTube, and has gained over 6 million views in less than 2 days. After the initial fury of why this is even a necessary conversation to be having in 2013, almost anyone with half a brain cell inevitably asks “why does this ignorant, self-serving snob ‘horse-faced’ Hopkins exist?”

She claims that she would never allow her children to fraternise with anyone named Tyler or Charmaine, nor would she let these children in to her home.

I know, the woman has the likability of a slug.

If this idiocy isn’t enough however, as Hopkins goes on to explain how she hates children with names of geographical locations such as Brooklyn or London, Phillip lands the killer counter argument with: “Your child’s called India”. Queue Holly covering her face as she laughs at the blatant hypocrisy.

The insufferable snob is now being attacked by, well, basically everyone, as over 90% of This Morning watchers disagreed with her out-dated, tyrannical views. Comments under the YouTube video range from: “I agree you shouldn’t let your children mix with the wrong crowd, but that doesn’t depend on their name. I know Williams’ and Charles’ that are more trouble than your Tylers”, to “what a truly wretched woman”.

As well as this, a Facebook campaign has begun to rid our televisions screens of the vile bully. “Get Katie Hopkins off This Morning” already has 65,000 likes, and mainly consists of people posting ugly photos of Hopkins, and incessantly reminding everyone that this woman has had sex in a field. Did I forget to mention that? Yep. She’s had sex in a field. With a married man. If anything her children should be kept away from her, never mind Tyler.

If we can take anything positive from this, it’s that Hopkins has brought the majority of the country together through a mutual hatred of herself. Thanks, you horrible human being.

This unbearable excuse for a woman is a bit less upper class and a bit more up her own ass. Go away Katie, go away.

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