AW13: Distilled

For the crucial trends, tones and textures of Autumn Winter 13, look no further. We have distilled the very best of Milan, Paris, New York and London to provide you with the ultimate, at-a-glance guide to what you should be wearing and who you should be watching in 2013.

The Colour: Blue
An Autumn/Winter catwalk is often smothered in deep, warm tones. Burnt oranges, dark reds and heavy greens typically jostle for runway space and the opportunity to heat up our cold winter nights. The 2013 season however, provides a significant departure from this cosy trend. Blue was everywhere during AW13, and in every hue. Dark, navy blues provided a welcome and surprisingly sophisticated change from the fashionista staple of head-to-toe black. Elsewhere, multi-tonal blues in a delicate panoply of shades offered a pretty, powdery look with hidden depths. In London, the blues were at their brightest and many designers incorporated powerful cobalt tones, ideal for ice queens this winter.

The Texture: Fabric Blocking
Texture ran riot across Milan, Paris, London and New York this season. Leather, PVC, lace, chiffon and faux fur battled for their place on every possible garment. Leather was the clear champion, gracing coats and pencil skirts to create a grown-up look with a little extra kink. The key emergent textural trend however, was fabric blocking. Gorgeous textures from Cedric Charlier seen at Paris AW13 epitomise the look: Fur with leather, PVC with silk – clashing textures are this season’s colour blocking. Combining the fabric blocked look with 2013’s essential blues, Charlier’s navy leather peplum dress was one of our favourite, wearable style moments of the season.

The Model: Catherine McNeil
The beauty from Brisbane had taken some time out from modelling following her blistering sky-rocket to angular fame in 2011. Now, Catherine McNeil is back with a fiercely beautiful vengeance. With exquisite, cat-like cheekbones, large, slanted green eyes, heavy Slavic brows and the requisite smouldering attitude, McNeil has picked up in 2013 precisely where she left off a year previously. Her look lends itself perfectly to two key trends this season: A 90s informed style and a Baroque, highly embellished, Russo-centric influence.

The Look: Bare Shoulders
In recent years, designers have taken more time to explore the female body. With each season, a new area becomes du jour; from the back in 2012 to the midriff in SS/13. This winter, the shoulders are inarguably the focus of many designers’ attention. Bandeaus and strapless pieces were everywhere to be seen, all designed to exhibit the fragility and elegance of the models’ shoulders. To wear the look without a winter chill, cover up in a sharply tailored cape or leather and faux fur mix coat.

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