Top 4 Things to do in Beijing

Beijing is a beast of a city, built on a solid foundation of history. From part of the Great Wall of China right through to the beautiful Hall of Great Harmony, there’s no shortage of interesting sights to be seen in Beijing. Sorting out accommodation in Beijing is easy because Beijing offers excellent accommodation such as the Kempinski Hotel Beijing Lufthansa Center, which is nestled in the centre of Beijing’s district of Chaoyang. Once you’ve chosen where you’ll stay, you can move on to deciding what you’ll do in Beijing. Here’s a list of the Top 4 Things to do in Beijing:

1) Visit the Great Wall of China
No trip to Beijing, or China, would be complete without at least once visit to the Great Wall. There are a number of lengths of the wall near Beijing that are popular to visit, including both the sites of Mutianyu and Huanghuacheng. Of the two locations, Mutianyu is the quietest which can offer a slightly more peaceful visit to the wall. Huanghuacheng is extremely popular, but closer to Beijing, meaning it can be very crowded at times but if you are short on time it can be the better choice. Both sites offer incredible views and will allow you an opportunity to marvel at the length and size of the Great Wall.

2) Visit the Summer Palace
This massive, 290 acre park was formerly a summer retreat for emperors. Now days the park serves as a respite from the busy streets of Beijing and is the perfect place to enjoy a stroll while admiring the various bridges, lakes, mansions, temples and other various little details. If you’ve got more time, it’s a lovely place to enjoy a boat ride on the lake when the weather’s nice enough.

3) Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatics Show
For something a little different, book in a ticket at the Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatics Show. This show is great for all ages; it will entertain, surprise and delight all. A perfect activity when you want to escape the elements of Beijing. You’ll see a number of entertaining tricks, from acrobats and gymnasts, right through to numerous motorcyclists in one ball. Shows last just under two hours and there are two shows daily.

4) Hall of Great Harmony (Taihe Dian)
This is one of those places where it is almost essential to hire an English-speaking guide so that you can fully understand, and appreciate, the history behind this wonderful building. It’s very hot and crowded during summer, so try to time your visit for the morning. The architecture is stunning, and alludes to a time long ago for China. Make sure you bring your camera; this is one place you’ll certainly want to document.

These are my top four things to do in Beijing – have I missed anything? What do you think is essential for a trip to Beijing?

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