UFC 168 – The Legendary Spider

Following last weekends excitement, and lord know it was an exciting weekend, filled with anticipation and mostly UFC fans worldwide wanting, preparing and desperately pleading for a SHOW. This was the fight between the greatest pound for pound middleweight the Octagon had ever seen, Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva, against some poor fellow, Chris Weidman. (He didn’t even have a nickname, this is how lame I thought he was)

As you probably can tell, I have been caught in the ‘web’ so I could not really care who he was fighting; I knew he would tease the individual within the first round, suss out their game plan in the second and execute his in the third round and Bruce Buffer would shout ‘…and STILL…THE MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD…’

Now this fight had me so excited, I stayed up from 1am on that faithful night despite having church in the morning, but finally 5am was the big show, slouched in the most uncomfortable position because I didn’t want to fall asleep, I prepared to celebrate with my Brazilian KO artist. First round went by, filled with teases, dances, taunts, showboating and ‘disrespect‘ for his opponent but this was Anderson, this was how he had always done things so I was with him all the way but I’m no groupie.

Second round, he begun the showboating all over again, but this time with his hands down and his chin firmly up. Weaving hits aimed at his face like Mohammed Ali and play-acting as if he was injured. Now everybody knows, if you are in the Octagon, you should always protect your face and never be flat footed, as Joe Rogan rightly said ‘you cannot play in the Octagon

The taunts started to get to Weidman, a barrage of hits attempt to catch the fast paced Anderson had him swaying, doing the samba but just then everything changed, a stray punch from the left landed on Silva’s chin and it was lights out. Weidman, like a feral hyena pounced all over him, securing 2 more deadly blows to the face before Herb Dean the referee jumped in.

That’s right, the greatest middleweight the Octagon ever did see, fought for his belt 11 times consecutively, had his belt of 7 years taken away from him, in the early minutes of the second round. The Octagon had a new champion. I was absolutely distraught and I couldn’t believe I had eagerly, anticipated this fight till the early hours of 7am.

The days went by and people have begun speculating, people who know absolutely nothing about the sport which is REALLY FRUSTRATING. Some said Anderson deserved to be knocked out but thats their opinion. I take nothing away from Weidman, he fought a great fight and as Anderson said on the night, he is the deserving champion. I have been an avid UFC enthusiast for a year now, trained with one of the best gyms in Bradford; Fulinkazan Gym. Here I learnt conditioning, wrestling, self defence, MMA, submissions and sessions where we’d plank and an instructor would stand on your back was always therapeutic. Fantastic atmosphere, diligent instructors and willing students so if you’re willing, they’ll train you. However if you know absolute nothing about the sport or it’s many hardships then do keep your opinions to yourself.

Now, it is with great pleasure that I can inform you that a rematch has been scheduled for December 28th (UFC 168) – Weidman vs Silva II at the MGM Grand Garden Avenue which should be a hoot. I am counting down the days until The Spider crawls back to glory.

I intend to do the samba with him when he gets his belt back.


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