Enjoying the Great British Summertime

When you think of a British Summer, your mind may take a wander into a wishful dream of travels to exotic beaches and foreign lands… But, with ‘staycations’ on the rise there is actually a lot to do in Britain over the Summer, so here’s my guide on how to enjoy the Great British Summertime.

With the weather actually proving to be quite warm in the UK at the moment, it made me realise that being in Britain for most of  the Summer is not actually going  to be that disastrous to my life. Actually there are a lot of things I can do in the UK to make sure I still have a great Summer.


Beaches-The UK has some beautiful beaches, some with sand and others with pebbles, pretty little peaceful places to soak up the sun and enjoy a cool coastline breeze. With ‘blue flag’ beaches in Northern Ireland, Wales, Devon, Sussex, Kent, Essex, Fife, Yorkshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Lincolnshire there will be a lovely beach (be it near or far) for you to visit this Summer so slap on the sun cream and get out there! Or if you can’t deal with sand or stones then why not head to a local park with a picnic instead?


Sports- Sport is a great way to get out and enjoy the weather. If you are into extreme sports or trying something new and exciting then head to your local beach or lake for some water sports. Or why not take a road trip and go somewhere new in the UK for a different sport such as zorbing,water zorbing or paragliding. From personal experience water zorbing is honestly one of  the funniest things I have ever done. You are put into a big ball, only what can otherwise be described as a hamster ball, a couple of buckets of water are thrown in and then you are rolled, free fall, down a big hill- hilarious! Or if that’s not really your thing then why not get your friends and/or family out  for the day with a  ball, or go and cool down in a swimming pool… The choice is yours.


Festivals- We have some incredible festivals dotted all around the UK, from music and comedy to more niche categories. There is a festival in the UK for all ages and interests. And if camping is not really your thing then why not get a day ticket for a local festival.


London– Head to the Nation’s Capital this Summer, London always has something going on somewhere and is an absolutely stunning place in the sunshine- head to the royal parks, take a boat trip along the Thames, visit the events on the South Bank, and do some outdoor sightseeing- everything looks more impressive with a golden glow from the Sun.


Pubs- Why not take a trip to your local watering hole, especially if it has a beer garden, grab some mates, get the beers in and enjoy the sun while it lasts.


At the end of the day, a British summer is all about getting out there and making the most of the Sun while its out, discovering new activities near you and embracing what we’ve got. When you realise how warm it can be sometimes maybe the long Winter months won’t seem so bad…

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