Surviving Summer without a Holiday

With August looming, minds keep wandering back to when a trip to Spain was the be all and end all of a British summer. For me, the month of August was, and still is, synonymous with 2 week holidays full of sun, swimming pools and beach bars – I can almost hear the splash of a cannonball.

These days, my family prefers winter breaks; friends don’t have enough money and it’s difficult to get time off work. So… what can you do to keep yourself occupied during the break?

Here’s my 5 failsafe solutions for making the most of your summer without a holiday abroad.


FESTIVALMusic Festivals are a great alternative to a holiday. A weekend with your mates, great weather (you might have to cross your fingers for that one…) and some brilliant music.

Try and bag yourself a ticket to the sold out V Festival on August 17th & 18th. Kings of Leon are the Saturday headliners, while the one and only Beyoncé takes the stage on Sunday. Or, if you fancy a road trip, check out Bestival. The Isle of Wight based festival takes place at the beginning of September (5th-8th). Acts include Elton John, Snoop Dogg, and bit of M.I.A. And there’s even a fancy dress competition!

Strapped for cash? Check if there’s any local music festivals near you that you and your friends can go to and support.




More work doesn’t sound too appealing during a summer holiday, does it? That’s the last thing you’ll want to do with your summer! But having something to do every day will prevent you from wasting your entire break.

Pick up some part time work, or try and find some work experience in a field that interests you. You’ll meet new people and make some great new contacts. It will get your mind in shape for September and will ease you back into Student life – where you can finally get back into that 1pm lie in routine.




Get Creative. Why not decorate or change up your room? Make it brighter. Create an Inspirational Board to go on your wall to motivate you this summer. Get rid of all that rubbish you’ve collected over the last year at Uni and start fresh.

Clearing or reorganising your wardrobe will help your brain feel less cluttered. De-cluttering will make you feel like you’ve accomplished something over the break, and send you back into student life feeling rejuvenated and ready for the semester. You know what they say, a tidy room is a tidy mind!

(I’ve also recently just bought a ‘Wreck This Journal’ to keep my offline creative flair flowing. Try it yourself.)




Call your friends, and make plans to take a trip to the coast.

There’ll be plenty of amusements and restaurants wherever you decide to go so make a day of it, or even a weekend.

If you’re like me, where overcrowded tiny English beaches in 30 degree heat aren’t really your thing, and you live within driving distance – why not visit for the evening? Sitting on the beach with your friends, camera in hand and some good music will surely make for a great night to remember. Besides, being by the sea might make up for that summer holiday nostalgia, and a clean sea breeze will do you good!



PICNICI once spent an entire summer inside playing Sims 2 on my laptop. Don’t let that happen to you! Don’t spend all day indoors!

If the weather’s nice, make the most of it; be spontaneous. Take a trip to a local park with friends or family and a picnic in tow.

If you’re in or around London, take a day to visit Richmond Park. There’s plenty of cafes, acres and acres of space and resident deer to make your day a little more picturesque.

Even if you only make it as far as your back garden, round up the friends, get the barbecue out and have a good time!

Soak up every second of the summer, it’ll be September before you know it.

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