10 (wrong) facts that people believe

You might be walking along the street and you hear someone say something that literally makes you stop in your tracks and screw up your face. Or maybe, you are lucky enough to be friends with people that tell you these facts, but they are WRONG. Now we’ve all got things wrong before, but you know those people that are full of utter rubbish and sincerely believe it? Yeah, well here are the top 10 wrong facts that are widely believed around the country.


1. Vodka has no calories. We’ve all heard them girls saying ‘Vodka has no calories, that’s why supermodels drink it.’ NO, supermodels drink vodka because it gets you drunk. Vodka has around 60-80 calories a shot so whilst it may be less calorific than a glass of wine, there are still calories in it.

2. Dogs can sense fear. I have come to this conclusion by myself. After years of fearing dogs and walking past dogs filled with fear and the prospect of it ripping off my face, I have decided that they cannot sense fear. If they can, I would have been mutilated by now.

3. The amount of magpies you see will determine the sex of your baby. No. And neither will you be able to determine from your cravings, your bump size, your bump shape, whether you feel sick or not or when you conceived. Stop believing all this rubbish and buy some baby grows. White though, because remember these things don’t determine the sex.

4. A salad is healthy. Now don’t get me wrong a salad is healthy but when you pile cheese, bread, potato salad, coleslaw and all the sauces under the sun all over your ‘healthy’ salad, you may as well be eating 3 big macs. And actually did you know that a McDonald’s salad has more calories than a McDonald’s cheeseburger?! I know, what loser goes to McDonald’s for a salad anyway. ‘Oh look at me I can resist the temptation and have a salad at a fast food restaurant.’ ‘Oh look at you, eating more calories than a burger you health freak’.

5. If you shave hair, it grows thicker and darker and faster. Now before you recall in horror, I shave my arms because I absolutely hate hair. Why would a girl want hairy arms? We aren’t gorillas. I have been doing this for 3 years now and from the stories people have told me, I should have thick, wiry hair that is uncontrollable. But no. The hair on my arm is fair, thin and takes a long time to grow. However much you tell and show people though, they still have an auntie’s friend’s sister’s brother’s wife that wishes she’d never shaved her hair.

6. You’re more likely to get bitten by a human than a dog. Well no, you’re not. How many dog attacks are there a year? And how many human biting attacks? Usually its dog freaks that give these useless facts once a dog attack has actually happened so yes once again, don’t believe this rubbish.

7. You’re never more than 6ft from a rat. As a child and okay, a young adult, this fact really scared me. I mean that’s shorter than my dad and that IS quite close if you think about. But never mind, research says (I don’t know where this research is from but let’s just believe it) that this is a myth. No buts, no questions, it’s a lie. RATS ARE MILES AWAY.

8. If you leave your tooth in a glass of cola it will dissolve. This is one that I actually believed and I even remember using it a few weeks ago. I even remember when I was a little girl putting my tooth in a glass of cola for about 15 minutes and then being certain that it had definitely shrunk. But sorry kids, this is also false.

9. Dogs age 7 years for every 1 human year. So your 3 year old dog is 21, right? Unfortunately it has been said that a dog’s life span is much less so this in inaccurate. Again when I was younger I used to say that my rabbit aged 12 years for every 1 human year. DO NOT ASK ME WHERE I GOT THAT FROM.

10. Going out with wet hair will make you sick. You may look like an absolute melon BUT fear not, this will not give you a cold. But nevertheless invest in a hair dryer or wash your when you have time, you ‘busy’ person.

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