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Gino – the new Chef in town, opening up his own Pasta Bar with his own TV Shows. Does he help us lose weight as well as entertaining us with his cheeky humour?

Every day at 12:30pm my eyes have been clued to the television or at least the programme is recording while I am at work. Gino D’Acampo has been the heart of my healthy eating and weight loss. Since my last post I have to proudly say, I have lost 4lbs.

‘Gino and Mel Let’s Do Lunch’ has always been my programme of the weekday every Summer and Christmas, letting me express myself with my cooking.

It’s been a week since he hasn’t been on my screen due to the programme finishing and I’ve let my passion for food fly over my head. I have gone back to sweets and eating at the pub I work at. This happens every time the programme stops, it’s like I am trying to mend my heart or I’ve gone through a break up eating junk food and sweets and knowing I shouldn’t but I don’t care.

I know in myself this should stop! This week I am going to dump all the comfort food and makes friends with my salad range again. I was happier when I knew I was losing so much weight and I want that feeling back. From this day on, I will hunt for my recipe book, sweep across the salads aisles and get this passion back! One of my other aims on the forever long to-do list I have for this Summer is to visit his new restaurant in Fleet Street, My Pasta Bar, looking through the menu’s pictures has made my mouth salivate let alone being able to smell it, even tasting his food!

Loads of people I know are going through diets and exercises and are starting to look so fabulous! I want to have that sort of will power and I’m sure most Yuppee readers are the same. One tip I can certainly give to you and for you to trust me with is, Gino’s recipe book or his programme ‘Let’s Do Lunch’ is the way forward for  beginner! Trust me. Make your diet a tasty one.

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