The end is nigh: Turning 20

I realised with horror today that in a mere week I would be turning 20, aka halfway to 40. So this last month I decided to relive my childhood, tragic I admit but it needs to be done. I may have a face of a baby, but ever since I lost the pleasure of having a cheaper rail fair, I knew the end was nigh.

What did I do? Reread Harry Potter of course, whilst my Mum whined that I needed to expand my brain and read a book that didn’t involve an owl and an old guy with a beard. She clearly didn’t appreciate the genius inner-workings of Hazzer P. Devastating.

I also reverted back to traits of my youth, for fun maybe? Using youth slang such as ‘peak’ and ‘bare’ as well as lol not in an ironic way. Oh wait I do that already.

I considered briefly going back to drinking WKD on Wimbledon common, but perhaps some things just don’t need to be repeated.

Another idea, should I go back to posting annoying status’ on Facebook like ‘Jess Gruet is as happy as pie’ or go back to my old email address- luvheartxx, yes? maybe? no?

There are some things I miss about being younger, the fact that I could eat whatever I wanted and still be the perfect size 8. A couple years ago my Dad subtly told me that I had the Gruet gene when it came to weight gain. Oh dear God.

Okay 20 may not be that old, but time flies, I have a horrible feeling that I will be one of those mother’s who would try to be ‘hip’ resulting in mocking reply from their offspring.

But times are changing, when I was young there was no iPads or iPods, I had a walk-man for gods sake. There was no computers on phones, we had a big white pc aka the ‘white whopper’, that you couldn’t use if someone was on the phone. Oh memories.

So happy birthday to me, goodbye teenhood, hello being a responsible adult. Or not…

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