ADHD and Me

I recently came across an article about a boy talking about his ADHD- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and how after years of struggling he was finally prescribed Ritalin, a controlled drug for the condition. This led me to think about my ADHD.

I was one of those children you couldn’t concentrate, and oh yes, I was incredibly annoying too. After many years of trying different techniques in order to be able to control my concentration, and many other factors, I was finally diagnosed at the age of 13. My Mum never thought to get me assessed for this condition- after all it was for naughty school boys- and with my bunches, love of dolls and all things pink, I was undoubtably female- thus I didn’t fit the bill. Its true there are three times more boys who are diagnosed with ADHD in comparison to girls, to be honest its really more of a boy thing.

I don’t introduce myself to new people as ‘a chick with ADHD’. (Who says chick anyway?) Its not like I’m trying to hide it. If someone asks me about it, or the subject somehow comes up, yes, I will spill the beans. However I really don’t want to broadcast this one thing about me publicly, because I don’t want it to define me. However whenever the subject does arise for any reason, telling someone I have ADHD does indeed break the ice. Yet I have never really met anyone with my condition, which is strange because it’s actually quite common.

A couple of years ago, my GP advised me stop taking the medication, because it wasn’t suitable for adults and I might turn into a bore, fortunately that hasn’t happened I don’t think…

…wait, crap, am I boring you? Maybe I should liven things up a little bit. Perhaps I should talk about how I have become a stronger person because of it. Or how I have finally learnt to appreciate the meaning of my life. Yeah maybe not. Honestly my brain has just become unfogged, great stuff really.

My ADHD caused me to be ‘lippy’ on certain occasions, or to forget basically all my school stuff. Because of my condition I went on report for year, in order to deal with my slight confuddled head. Basically I wasn’t the best student to teach. But due to the little blue pill I take every morning I seem get along just fine, more than fine, which is great. I was able to actually do work, to pass exams, to get into uni, simply because I was able to concentrate, and ‘settle down’. Simple.

Being on the medication hasn’t taken anything away from me. It’s just given me glasses for the brain (weird definition I know) so I can think more clearly, thus increasing my concentration.

Some people say you grow out of it, that its just a kid thing. I don’t know if that is true or not. But one thing I know for certain is that on or off the meds I am still me. Just when I’m on them its like my brain is in HD.

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