Best Spanish Holidays

Spain is adored across the world for it’s beautiful beaches, warm weather (particularly in the south) and gorgeous islands, making it the perfect holiday destination. Beyond the sun drenched beaches, there are cities that are rich with history, culture and fantastic architecture. Although some parts of Spain will break your budget (namely Ibiza, Barcelona and the Basque region) there are parts of Spain that remain affordable, making them a great holiday destination even just for a short weekend trip. Whether you’re planning a list minute holiday trip for this year, or planning to go away somewhere exotic in 2014, Spain could be the perfect destination for you. Check out our pics of the best places to visit in Spain:


Visit Majorca:

If you’re dreaming of an island oasis, then you should plan your next holidays to Majorca to check out this Spanish gem. As Majorca is a very popular family holiday destination, there’s loads of things to do including boat trips, golfing, horseback riding, dancing theatres, as well as Aqualand theme park which is perfect for a family day out. With bright blue seas and white sands, Majorca is the paradise you’ve been dreaming of with all the creature comforts and enough entertainment to keep the whole family happy.


Spend a few days in Madrid:

If your idea of the perfect holiday involves lots of shopping, then head to Madrid. There’s almost every shop you can find in Europe here, with such a great variety of colourful clothes that you’ll be able to find whatever you’re looking for. Beyond shopping, there’s a lot of great parts including Temple de Debod and Parque de Retiro, which are perfect to spend a scorching hot day in. Madrid also has one of the best nightlifes in Europe, making it a great all-round holiday destination.



The Granada is most famous because of the stunning Alhambra, and rightly so, as it is one of the most impressive buildings in the world. Beyond this, Granada is a town that oozes “cool” and is very kind on the wallet. Spend a few days here enjoying the complimentary tapas (small dishes) when you order an alcoholic beverage in certain bars. The old quarter is really enchanting and worth an afternoon’s visit.



Although one of the most expensive parts of Spain, Barcelona offers both sand and city. The first thing you’ll notice in Barcelona is that the language is quite different to Spanish, with more of a “lisp” sound to it. This can make for an interesting change, especially if you’re traveling around Spain as a whole. The beach is great value and comes to life during the summer months. Here you’ll find a lot of Gaudi’s impressive buildings as well as one of the best parts in Europe, Park Guell, that overlooks Barcelona’s city. This is the perfect place to enjoy a cool drink while watching the sunset over this fun and vibrant city.


Those are my top picks for places to visit in Spain for a holiday. Whether you’re planning a holiday in 2013 or 2014, Spain has a lot to offer. Where’s your favourite place in Spain to visit?

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