How to Change your Style without Breaking the Bank

When you find yourself looking at your same old wardrobe and desiring for a change, especially when new fashions emerge, the desire is often to just throw out all the old and buy a brand new wardrobe in a completely different style. Fashion changes rapidly, and new clothes can cost money. Many people cannot afford to buy so much new clothing, especially in a tough economy. Instead of opting for a full-scale change of your style, there are a few ways where you can still create change without going into debt.



The easiest way to change your style is to turn to accessories. You can take an old outfit and make it seem like new just by adding jewellery, shoes, a belt, scarves, or a handbag. With the right accessories, even an outfit that once felt boring and preppy can become edgy and fashionable. The best thing about accessories is that they tend to cost less than clothing, unless you opt for designer items. One great accessory can often change multiple outfits, providing value and diversity.


Try a New Style

Not every new fashion or style works on every person. You should always wear something in which you feel comfortable and that fits your personality, rather than what fashion dictates. However, if you think you want to try a certain look, try it out before purchasing an entire wardrobe of the style. Buy just one outfit in the style and see how you feel, and what type of compliments you get. Alternatively, just rent a dress in the style. You will only have to put out a fraction of the cost to rent something, but you will still get to see how you feel in a particular outfit or style. This works very well for special occasions.


Mix and Match

Sometimes, the makings of an entire new wardrobe are actually in your own closet. All you have to do is swap outfits. A shirt you normally wear with a particular trouser or skirt may look different, but still really good, when paired with a different bottom. You may even find something in your closet that has been hidden for years that will provide a great spruce up just when needed. Accessories also provide new ways to mix and match a style. Any outfits that are pieced together have the option to become a new outfit, including an entirely new style of fashion. All you have to do is get creative and think outside the box.


Get a Haircut

A new haircut can be very expensive, but sometimes it is all you need to feel like a new person. A new haircut can move you from safe and boring to fun and flirty instantly. If you want a bit of feisty flavour, put some colour chunks in your hair. There are numerous ways you can play with your hairstyle in order to spruce up your look. The best thing about your hair is that it will grow back, or can be recut, recoloured, or restyled, if you do not like it.

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