Best Places to Visit in Florida for a Family

Planning a vacation for your family can be challenging, especially when you have to take into consideration everyone’s wishes. For this reason, Florida is a perfect destination in which both children and adults can enjoy doing the same things together. Here are four of the best places in which you can take your family on an unforgettable trip.

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Walt Disney World

The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando is the top choice for families everywhere. Not only is this place family friendly, but it also allows you to spend a really long time exploring and enjoying the different rides. You can stay in one of the twenty Disney Resort Hotels and visit all the theme parks located nearby. Additionally, you will also save up on transportation, as the rides, restaurants and hotels are all located in the same area. Special offers are also available depending on the time you plan your trip.


Universal Orlando

This particular place is both entertaining and affordable. First of all, you will have access to resort parks and the best hotels for you and your family. Children of all ages will definitely want to become a part of the magical world from Harry Potter, so you should consider turning a visit to this theme park into a priority. There’s so much to do and see here, it will keep children of all ages entertained.


SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld is a memorable experience for tourists everywhere. If you want to take your time visiting this place, you can easily make plans to stay at the resort’s hotels. Among the many water-themed attractions, families can visit dolphin exhibits, watch whale shows, and even help take care of sea lions. SeaWorld is not only extremely entertaining, but it can also be an educational experience for children and parents alike.


Wet ‘n Wild Orlando 

Wet ‘n Wild is a popular water park, and there are many reasons for it. There are numerous rides in which families can go on together, making this park a sure winner with your children. Many people feel as if they are going to the beach, which is extremely easy to believe once you step inside the Wild Tiki Lounge, relax in a cabana set, or have fun in the wave pool. Another attraction which cannot be missed is the newly opened Blastaway Beach, which is perfect for families.


These four well-known and beloved places are perfect if you want to go on a trip with the family. Whether you want to learn about dolphins, or you want to be immersed in magic, each place you pick offers something unique and interesting.

If you have limited time in Florida, check out this great interactive Map of Florida so you can start planning your itinerary before you even leave home.

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