The 1975 and Bastille Rock the iTunes Festival

Two of this year’s hottest British bands took to the stage at the iTunes Festival at Camden’s famed Roundhouse on Sunday. The groups electrified the audience and brought the venue back to life after Phoenix was forced to cancel their appearance last-minute the night before.

The 1975 was full of energy as they warmed up the crowd. They had good reason to celebrate, their album went straight to number 1 that day and lead singer Matt Healy told the crowd that the show was a “lovely way” to round out the day.

The Manchester band that have been working for nearly a decade to reach the top spot on the charts, played their hits “Chocolate” and “Sex” to thunderous applause.

The audience was lively during The 1975’s set but they went absolutely wild when Bastille took to the stage. The London-based group opened with “Bad Blood” and played nearly every song off their debut album. Throughout the nearly hour-long set there were bright green lasers, smoke machines and lots of female fans screaming for lead singer Dan Smith.

Smith is as dreamy as he is bashful. He told Metro that, “We feel very humbled as looking at the rest of the line-up with King of Leon, Justin Timberlake – it’s a bit nuts that we’re on the bill as well.” He often made fun of his own “terrible” dance moves, saying that all he can do literally is jump up and down.

Highlights of the set included a cover of City High’s “What Would You Do?,” and a mash-up of “Of the Night (Rhythm is a Dancer)” and “Rhythm of the Night.” Bastille know how to perfectly blend songs together, they’ve released two EPs entitled “Other People’s Heartbreak” for free that entirely consist of covers and collaborations with other artists.

At one point Smith even donned a grey hoodie and walked through the crowd as he sung their smash “Flaws.” Fans able to get close to him went absolutely mental.

The combination of the two groups was the perfect way to round out the first week of the annual iTunes Festival.


1975 – Setlist: 


The City

Settle Down

Heart Out







Bastille – Setlist: 

Bad Blood

Things We Lost in the Fire


The Silence

What Would You Do? 
(City High cover)


Weight of Living, Pt. II

Laura Palmer

These Streets






Of the Night


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