Indie Feature Film ‘Porcelain Presence’ : A Review

I came across the feature film Porcelain Presence as I was searching Twitter for someone worth following. What is so impressive about this up coming independent Indie film is that it is 100% self-funded by its co-directors Emily E. Bibb and Chris Jay of Fairly Odd Film Productions. The only thing they ask for is our support in spreading the word of this dark, mind altering vision of theirs.

Speaking of support, the teasing trailers found on youtube lead me to question how nosy my neighbours are and what lengths they would go to if I needed their help; this film made me wonder. Imagine living in a street with secrets behind every door knocker, where everyone has something to hide and the twitching curtains are like a Mexican wave from one end of the road to the other? Now add to the murky plot three women a psychopathic husband and a murder…

All this in one street inhabited by pale skinned, greasy haired brunettes; cleverly cast by Emily and Chris to convey how darkness is the theme throughout. Miserably married to Brian her abusive porcelain doll obsessed husband and relentless in his quest to break her, Anna is the human representation of the porcelain dolls strewn in every corner of their repressive home; how would Brian feel if his preciously warped possessions smashed into pieces…broken?

Anna’s controlled life changes when Brian’s demise comes and in my opinion not too soon…the swine! Her neighbours Sharon and Penny share the secret of how he came a cropper and how the three women deal with it takes an even more grim turn. As if things couldn’t get any worse Brian’s twisted sister Esther is released and sent home from a psychiatric ward where it seems there was a lack of shampoo and reputable doctors. Would you want to live on a street like this?

If ever there was a plot that thickens then Porcelain Presence is the one to watch, brilliantly written, visually shady and a music score that enhances the wickedness of this very Indie affair. Who knows where these freaky porcelain dolls are made but I do know that this tense film is made right here in Britain, another great invention by British filmmakers!

In my humble opinion there are two conclusions to be made after watching the trailers; to support this genius tale of suspense and keep myself to myself. Neighbours may lend you sugar but delve in their cupboards and what you taste maybe less than sweet.

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