Why Your Customers Need to Play Designer

With the home meaning comfort, joy and rest to so many people, how it’s set up and decorated is a very big deal. That’s why it is important for those that make a career out of selling, designing, fixing and in general chance the appearance of a house, to show off their skills.

As visual creatures, people often can be sold or driven away on the presentation of work they see right off the bat. Something that is pleasing to the eye will make the sale much better than features that look sloppily thrown together or if they have to imagine it based on written descriptions or words. If you work with houses or anything that has to do with interior design, building or furniture, building a good website with interactive and visual features to let your customers play home decorator is the right path for many of you.


For Realtors

If you are in the real estate business, you know how hard it can be sometimes to make people realise the potential of a house. They just lack the imagination to see beyond the current state of it, ignoring what a good renovation, or something as simple as a new coat of paint and furniture can do. The idea here is for you to you real estate website a designer component, even if you are not doing any design yourself.

Upload the pictures of the homes you are selling and add a home design app so your clients can play house and see what they could do to make it their dream home even before buying it.


For constructors

Equally, if you are a constructor, you already are working on a blank slate. Adding some pre-designed ideas of how the houses you make will look once you are done with them and let the prospective clients play with it will get them interested and willing and way more open to the possibilities.

Work on a website that can offer interesting design ideas. If you have trouble with it, there are plenty of interior design web templates you can use for your site and other free source programs and ideas to help you out.


For Furniture shops

Any piece of furniture looks good in a shop window or site, but there is nothing worse than to find out after buying a bed or wardrobe that it doesn’t match with what else you have brought, or that it doesn’t fit in the room. If you sell furniture, you want to add to your site features to help your customers find the right design for their new room, the perfect set of pieces that will fit the mood, size and purpose of the space they are filling. A web designing tool will help them out try different ideas and measurements so when they order their fancy new bed or couch; it’s exactly what they are looking for.

It will save both you and your customers a lot of time, money and headaches.

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