Enjoy a picture perfect skiing break in 2013

The 2012 ski season was pretty good for anyone who wanted to head to a winter wonderland greeted by plenty of snow. Being confronted by slushy slopes is the last thing any avid skier would want as soon as they headed to their chalet or hotel room. Although it has long since passed, this coming winter is now only a few months away.

This means that now could be the right time to think ahead if a skiing holiday is what you want this winter. If you do decide that a skiing break is for you, perhaps you might want to bring your camera. If somewhere snowy and picturesque such as the Alps, Pyrenees or close to the Arctic Circle, then there are probably going to be endless opportunities to take a few snaps to remember your break.


Cold snaps:


Inghams recently ran a competition on its Facebook page asking entrants to send their best picture of the 2012 ski season and as the above winning entry from Les Blain shows, skiing is great for taking a few memorable snaps. The above picture was taken during Mr Blain’s holiday in Levi, clearly showing how the crisp white snow contrasts with the sunset in the background.

skiing picture

Holiday pictures can be anything you want them to be. They could be cute like the one above, be an action shot involving a fellow skier or perhaps be of something eccentric or wondrous that you’re highly unlikely to see more than once during your lifetime. Bringing a camera with you is imperative to show how good your break was.

skiing competition

If skiing in northern Scandinavia, there’s always a chance that you might see something completely out of the ordinary.

This fourth-placed entry in the competition shows the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), a natural phenomenon that rarely occurs over the course of a year. Seeing something like that can make a good holiday great.

We love skiing, have you ever gone skiing? Let us know what you think about these amazing pictures in the comment section below! Or send us some of your own amazing skiing holiday pictures.

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