Digital Marketing- The cost effective future

Online marketing is the present and future of advertisement. It is a fact that more people will check their social media accounts before the daily news stories and this has impacted the marketing sector across the globe.

Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Myspace, Youtube, Flickr. These are just a handful of the social media outlets available at our fingertips today. Technology developments mean the internet is constantly at our disposal, with time being a consumable less freely available these outlets have provided people with a platform to “stay connected” so to speak.

Nearly all major and developing businesses in the world today have created social media accounts to increase brand awareness, interact with their consumers and promote new content, products and events. This is a free tool which allows companies to save millions of pounds on television time slots, print adverts and radio outsourcing. The charity sector in particular has been able to significantly benefit from e-commerce providers and the cost effective nature of social media.

Indeed the concept of having a highly ranked Google Advert is be more likely to entice an audience to visit the website than a television advert would to convince a viewer to visit a store. This revolves around the prospect of ease of accessibility. Most people within the worlds developing nations now have mobile internet access, therefore it is the most accessible advertising route to take, it is viable in almost any location at any time. Then we draw on the costliness of online advertisements. It is often the case that finances are based on a pay-per-click basis meaning if someone sees your advert but doesn’t click through on to your page, there is no fee. It is then up to you as a host to make sure the landing page is engaging and relevant enough to retain those that visit the page in order to maximise the return on investment.

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