Thanks to Kim Kardashian- Is Body Shape Just Another Fashion Trend?

The perfect portrayal of the 90’s ‘ideal’ woman would be Kate Moss. The supermodel with the to-die-for figure, if anything her lack of curves was the most appealing aspect of her image, one millions of young girls idolised. In the same way you’d buy an in-colour coat, it looks as though body shape is just as influential in terms of the latest fashion trends, and today’s must-have is very different from the 90’s.


Today it is a very different story.

Every media outlook seems to be portraying a very different image of perfection. One of the most influential celebrities would be Kim Kardashian and her famously curvy figure. So why have things changed so dramatically in such a short space of time? It could be argued that Kim Kardashian’s figure would have once been seen as ‘plus-size’, a label millions of women felt stigmatised by. Now it seems to be a case of the curvier the better.


Is this good news for us girls? I think so.

The celebrity culture is so influential in terms of fashion and the latest trends, however it seems they have played a large part in changing the stereotypical image of ‘perfection’ in terms of body shape. Instead of calorie counting and the famous ‘a moment of your lips is a lifetime on your hips’, it looks as though perhaps we should indulge in those once demonised treats. After all, having big hips are seen as the in thing.

Perhaps we have the likes of Scarlett Johansson and the Kardashian’s to thank for taking the heat off women and the pressures surrounding body image.


It looks as though Kim Kardashian’s figure is this season’s must-have. 


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