Hell in a Cell – Review

By Phillipa Hopwood: Hell in a Cell came to us live from Miami Florida and it was just as disappointing as many predicted it would be.

Rumours circulating ahead of the event had people like Rey returning, Damien Sandow cashing in his briefcase on a triumphant John Cena and Shawn Michaels giving Daniel Bryan the WWE Championship, I can tell you now, none of that happened!

The kick off show was changed at the last minute due to Curtis Axel’s injury, Kofi Kingston faced off against Damien Sandow instead in what was a below par match up with Sandow the predictable winner.


The Uso’s v The Shield v Rhodes Family

This was a great match to kick off with, The Uso’s were relegated to spectators throughout and only managed to get in the ring for a few minutes at a time but I think Cody and Goldust gave a good account for themselves and got the win after Cross Rhodes.

The Miz called out the Wyatt family after they put him in a cage on Smackdown but Harper and Rowan were in the ring when the lights came up, they began the beat down on Miz but to many people’s shock, Kane Returned and cleaned house, Chokeslamming The Miz last.


Summer Rae and Fandango v Natalya and The Great Khali

Summer Rae’s first match and she pinned the veteran in Natalya after a distraction, a pretty messy match as most of Khali’s are. But Summer got her first win and hopefully a good feud will stem from it.


Big E Langston v Dean Ambrose

My match of the night, one that was added at the last minute, Big E was given a shot at Dean’s title and Dean defended well, he makes everyone look good in the ring and you had to feel he had nothing to combat the force of nature that is Big E, Dean did get the win via Count-out but the more shocking thing was the fact that Seth and Roman didn’t get involved.


CM Punk v Ryback and Paul Heyman

I think we all had the feeling this feud would end last night, it has been on-going since Money in the Bank and it seems like there was nowhere WWE could take it, the way they built this handicap match up, you thought it was going to be a Hell in a Cell from the 90s, but it was rather disappointing, Punk beat Ryback with the GTS then climbed the cage to Heyman who was hiding on the roof and beat him with a Kendo stick before hitting him with the GTS.


Los Matadores v The Real Americans

Such a pointless match, and a definite filler, Los Matadores have had a big push since they arrived and it seems this is going to continue after this win. Cesaro hit his spinning move again, for no apparent reason because it didn’t get him the win.


John Cena v Alberto Del Rio- World Championship

John Cena made his triumphant return last night and he is now the WWE champion, he hasn’t wrestled since Summerslam and after a major operation on his arm, he returned and beat Del Rio for a title he has held for months, Sandow didn’t cash in, no one got involved and overall the match was disappointing.


AJ Lee v Brie Bella – Divas Championship

AJ faced Brie for the Diva’s title for the second time in consecutive pay per views, same, moves and the same result, AJ retained. Brie inadvertently hit her sister with a knee to the head after AJ moved, hopefully this will lead to a feud now Brie and the title has run it’s course.


Daniel Bryan V Randy Orton – WWE Championship w/ Shawn Michaels special guest referee.

Daniel and Randy fought a good match before Triple H decided to come out and shout at Shaw for not counting fast enough, Daniel had Randy pinned but because Orton had knocked Shawn out before no one was there to count, Triple H came in to check on Shawn and Daniel Bryan hit his flying knee to Triple H which lead to Shawn sweet chin musicing Bryan and counting the three for Orton, Big Show didn’t get involved and nothing remarkable happened, another strange but quite disappointing ending.

So we have new World and WWE champions, why is Vince at Raw tonight? I guess we will all see the fall out tonight on Raw.

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