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By the end of 2013, it is predicted that global sharing economy will grow at least 25% on 2012, making in excess of 3.5 billion dollars globally. The sharing and hiring economy is a fast growing market, known as peer-to-peer rental marketplaces, with people sharing absolutely anything, from cars, books, audio equipment, sports equipment – you name it, you can share it.

HireJungle is known as the world’s first free peer-to-peer renting platform – an online source to capitalise on the growing trend of sharing between peers and it is currently the fastest growing rental marketplace in the UK – find goods and services at absolutely zero cost.

With more than 130,000 pages to trawl through, the service is a bit eBay-like to use, the platform is a great way to find products and services advertised by your peers who provide them.

Things you can find on HireJungle:

With users able to post an unlimited amount of free classified ads, you can find anything from skilled and respected tradesmen to do some home improvements for you, or you could even find the rights tools and do the DIY yourself. The depth is amazing, helping individuals bring awareness to their services and products, and helping consumers go direct to the source.

Founded by Marcelo Barreneche, he believes that users will eventually turn to sharing anything in order to save them money or earn extra income with their skills and services. The accessibility of the platform and reliability in the services is what draws users together, making a harmonised community in sharing goods and services.

Barreneche says: “I needed a drill for a home refurbishing task but didn’t have one. I didn’t want to buy a new drill and only use it once a year, so I thought it might be a good idea to hire one instead. But where and from whom? On the flipside, if I wanted to hire out my TV, which website would I use? This started the brainstorming process that eventually led to the creation of HireJungle. Now we all have the opportunity to earn income on the things we don’t use, or advertise skills that other people need.”

By not charging users for renting and hiring, the website hopes to create a business model trusted and used in revolutionising the way in which users share items between each other. The platform is easy to use and extremely user friendly.

Since launching earlier this year, the website already has a loyal community of over 950,000 users uploading and sharing thousands of items, products, and services. A mobile version of the website is set to be launched imminently, while expansions into overseas markets are in line for 2014.

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