The Lost Children of The Philippines

Typhoon Haiyan, tore through the central islands of the Philippines with its merciless winds and rapid waves. It has forced us all to think about what it would be like to lose all the things we hold dear. There are three loses which, when experienced, have more impact on a life than any other; the loss of a parent a child no matter the age and a lost childhood which for reasons that we find hard to understand can alter their innocent and once secure view of the life they once knew.

They should be out playing and running on the beach without a care but they are now confined to squalid living conditions and for many without their parents who will have lost their lives during this tragedy. Yes, they need aid, yes they need food and water and yes they need shelter; the basic survival kit for any human. I hope these things are within their reach soon and those who donate and are on the sodden ground helping are to be commended.

Many Filipino children will have lost the heartbeat that pumped so excitedly once with apprehension and amusement at all the fun and laughter that was their right to enjoy. The ones who have survived will be feeling something in their hearts that will confuse, frighten and set them on a course that isn’t for a child to travel. They have or had one mother who will or would have protected them without question; ironic how another mother can throw them into turmoil…Mother Nature.

I have friends from the Philippines and  have noticed from spending time with them the importance of family. They are a united people and display warmth, affection and love that is evident in everything they do. It’s this unity that will make sure these orphaned and homeless children will have a chance even though their childhoods have been brutally disturbed beyond comprehension.

Not a week goes by without me hearing of some story of loss. “He left me and I can’t breathe”, “She left me and I miss her”, “My electricity bill has gone up, I can’t live like this”. All these losses and feelings of desperation are relevant to us as humans and I wouldn’t for one minute ridicule anyone for these emotions, however, you can always find another boyfriend, girlfriend and switch service providers. We moan and procrastinate but we do have choices; unlike some.

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