5 Tips That Will Help You Master the Skateboard

So you have a skateboard and you want to go pro. Where do you start? How do you turn it into something that you have mastered? They say that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step, and skate boarding is no different, so the best way to master that little plastic or wooden board with wheels on it is to take the first step. Here are 5 tips to help you master the skateboard.


Ride It

One way to get good at doing something is to do it. You aren’t going to master anything if you don’t do it. So do it wherever you can, whenever you can, ride your board. Take it everywhere you go and whenever you can be riding it, do it. This way you will build up your confidence of skate boarding and gradually get to a point where you will be a master at it.


Use It As Your Mode of Transport

Another great way to really get good at skate boarding is to use it as your mode of transport. If you live in a city then you are already going to have an advantage over someone who lives in the country where there are not many flat surfaces to actually ride a board on. Using as your mode of transport will ensure that you are riding it at every opportunity, and you will gradually learn to be better and better, the more you ride.



People who master a sport, usually have one thing in common; they get to a point where the board is almost an extension of them. An important aspect of becoming a great skater is balance, and practicing every day, and getting your body used to the feeling of being on a board will help your balance immensely. Make the board a part of you, and you will become a master before long.


Learn New Tricks

When someone starts to learn playing guitar, they often learn how to change chords and get proficient at it by learning other people’s songs. This allows them to get better at holding the chords and changing to other chords. Learning new tricks will help you to become a master at skating, so once you have got the balance thing sorted and are able to stay on the board while riding it then it’s time to learn some new tricks. Start at the easiest one and work your way up to the trickier ones.


Build Your Own

No matter what it is that you want to master, whether it be riding a bike, painting a canvas, driving a car, or whatever, one way to really get the activity into your blood is to live, breathe and sleep it. Building your own skate board will help you to understand the board in all aspects, and get to know which trucks are the best for particular things and so forth, so do read up, talk to people, and build your own board. Check out Penny Skateboards have all sorts of different parts available for you to mix and match the different parts of the skate board and learn which bit goes where, and how to build your own.

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