That Awkward Moment – Efron Back with a Bang!

Zac Efron is back but this time, at his not so charming self as he stars in this guy-centered not so rom-com.

‘That Awkward Moment’ has been described as your typical romantic comedy from a male perspective, and as Efron himself says ‘gives girls a new perspective on relationships’.

In this flawed but entertaining movie by Tom Gormican starring Miles Teller from ‘Project X’ and ’21 and Over’ and ‘The Wire’s’ Micheal B.Jordan,  we see two relationships originating and growing, explaining how love is done by men in 2014.

Despite leaning heavily on genre cliche, it reveals much about tensions in young persons’ relationships, hook up culture versus desire for that something special.

The story is centred around ‘that awkward moment’ after a series of hook ups when one person in the relationship asks the other ‘So…Where is this going?’, this ‘so’ moment becomes the question that the three friends run scared from. Dan (Teller) and Jason (Efron) have a bromance that no woman can separate and vow to live the single life to the fullest, and promise to drag married friend Mikey (Jordan) from misery when he finds out his wife wants a divorce. The films starts of with plenty of friendly banter and the womanisers take Mikey under their wing and try introduce him to all that New York  City has to offer.

‘That Awkward Moment’ falls off quickly and gets sucked into the typical rom com genre as Jason begins to fall in love with a girl he didn’t mean to fall for, that he previously mistook for a hooker and Dan, falls in love with… wait for it.. his best girl friend, while Mikey is back seeing his ex wife. In an attempt to not break their bro-code and stay single, all three men keep their love lives secret, until eventually found out. This moment in the movie and reversion back to cliche, points this pleasing banter filled comedy to typical predictable love story.

It’s very easy to like this movie,  with its charming characters and because of its attempt at an unusual storyline. Well worth a see!


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