Talented Tegan – the masterpieces of a 17 year old

Tegan, 17

Tegan, 17

My wonderful friend, Tegan Allard-Austin is only 17 years old and she is such an exceptional drawer. I would absolutely love to be able to draw.. But unfortunately that will never happen – Tegan spends so much of her spare time producing amazing Fine Art pieces. My favourite of which is a picture of me, well how couldn’t I love it! I have always been destined to produce an article on a friend, so here it is.


What Tegan Says:

“I prefer to be described as an artist as I strive to create hyper realistic drawings. My main inspiration for modern art is Paul Cadden, I love his pencil work as it is mind blowing how detailed his work is.”

1. This first piece of work is based on the work of Inspiration for her, Paul Cadden. Yes she had water tipped on her, but doesn’t this piece of art work just look surreal? The more you look at it, the more it cannot be an actual drawing? This is rather sensational..

“This is my transcription in the style of Paul Cadden’s artistic work. My main aim was to try and create the
same effect by paying precise attention to detail. I was specifically inspired by his drawing of a man with water being poured over his head. I thought I would choose myself as a subject because I felt my short hair would magnify the water and the effect of realism better” – which it sure did!


2. This is a more simplified and sophisticated drawing from Tegan, but I absolutely love this – it is so simple yet so great, yet again it really doesn’t look anything like a drawing! it seriously does take some skills to be able to present such beautiful pieces of artwork. The drawing itself is based on another inspiration of Tegan’s, Ileana Hunter, with her figurative sketches.

Leonardo Da Vinci has always been an inspiration for me, his figurative sketches will forever be important for transforming art history. In my current project I am researching hyper realism including artist Ileana Hunter. I choose this artist as she is very experimental with her techniques of using hyper realism; by using minimal detail. From this artist I have created a series of work, but my favourite transcription of Ileana Hunters work would have to be my portrait of my friend – Sophie Reed. The reason for this is because I feel I have been able to capture the true essence of realism in its most minimal form relating effectively to Ileana Hunters work.”


3. This piece just amazes me, I mean. How? Seriously, this young artist really does have a magnificent talent! I’m not completely sure how this was done, but without a doubt this is very busy – which is great. This artistic piece of work is based on Mark Powell, who by the looks of it has a very creative mind!

“The reason why I have used the work of Mark Powell for this image  is because I love his creative way to draw on top of envelopes. He mainly focuses on older subjects so it becomes easier to emphasise on depth when using biro. When doing my transcription I found a subject that best resembled Mark Powell’,  Clint Eastwood. He was a perfect subject to work from as this image showed a wide variety of tones and complex detail. My next project I am doing is Growth and Evolution, where I will be studying figurative drawings instead of just portraiture. From doing these projects I hope to expand my knowledge further and create a deeper understanding of different forms of art. My preferred medium to use is pencil due to its versatility; I see pencils as a way to express precise detail but also as a quick way to do observational drawings.  I hope to become skilled in 3D art such as sculpture like Ron Mueck’s work. His work consists of hyper realistic portraiture on a huge scale so there is a sense of surrealism as well as realism.”


Tegan is open to any comments on her work etc. – feel free too tweet her at @TeganAllard_


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