10 things to do in Sheffield

Sheffield, wow what a place! If you’re like me and live down south.. visiting Yorkshire is definitely a treat – well to me it is. The views, the sights, the people! Sheffield is definitely where its at. So where are the top 10 places and things to do and visit in this stunning Metropolitan Borough?


Visit the Peaks: honestly, yes the peak district does show to some people, like me – how unfit you actually are. But the views are absolutely amazing, you certainly wouldn’t get a beautiful cityscape on one side, then you turn around and see the valleys on the other; if you were in London? No I didn’t think so – Sheffield is glorious to see from above, the birds eye view takes your breath away (Not from the climbing!) So it is definitely worth all of the walking, and of course – it’s completely free! even more of a fabulous reason to have it as number 1.

Go on a ‘Supertram:’ I’m definitely feeling super comical right now, just writing that sounded like ‘superman’ in my head. Oh what do I do to myself. Anyway – ah yes, the glorious Stagecoach supertram’s. If you go to Sheffield and don’t go on a tram, you’re doing it all wrong. Especially if you choose the simple bus over it, wow get the hell out of Sheffield! The trams are great, just a quick note.. The University of Sheffield has its own stop, so its perfect if you’re arriving by train and you can just hop straight onto a tram to the University. Enjoy!

Meadowhall: Meadowhall is just wow! if you’re like me, and love a bit of retail therapy ALL the time, then be sure to check out Meadowhall! it’s pretty isolated from the main city centre, which I guess is a good thing because you don’t get the whole rush of city centre combustion. From Topshop to Urban outfitters you’re more than likely going to find somewhere which suits your style! Why not relax in the cinema, or even grab a little, or big bite at Millies Cookies or KFC. Meadowhall literally has it all!

Go in the famous Paternoster: If you didn’t already know. The University of Sheffield is home to the gorgeous yet striking Arts Tower, And the tower itself is home to the largest Paternoster lift in the world! That’s definitely something for the University to be proud of, and of course – Paternoster lifts are the coolest, and are pretty entertaining, oops! Definitely go and check it out, especially if you are going to visit the amazing University.

Visit the Winter Garden: You wouldn’t actually believe that this gigantic temperature glasshouse was in the heart of a city centre? And people criticise Sheffield saying that its so run down, city like and is full of steel. It’s home to two and a half million trees, and has such a gorgeous ‘winter garden’ in the city centre. This is definitely a must see if you’re looking for spending a relaxing day in Sheffield.

Relax on Devonshire Green: Well at the time of writing this article, perhaps not – seeing as its February! but Devonshire Green is perfect, especially on a beautiful summers day. But whose to say that it’s not as beautiful and perfect in Winter? I’m not criticising, you should definitely go check it out in all months, remember. Sheffield is a beautiful city – embrace it all throughout the year, not just when the sun is glazing down.

Eat at ‘Fancie:’ Sheffield is pretty much perfect for this cute little cake shop. It’s perfect if you’re a little hungry and fancy a bite to eat – gorgeous vintage china plates, its the perfect place to wind down after a long day shopping or studying. When I move to Sheffield, I’ll definitely be eating my heart out there, why not? the cakes look divine, not forgetting the ice cream and milkshakes, mm. Let’s hope I tempted you enough, eh?!

Take a trip to Chatsworth House: Chatsworth house, rings a bell? all you Pride a prejudice lovers will probably know that this is the gorgeous location where the BBC filmed it. It looks gorgeous in what looks like its own magical kingdom, a beautiful stream and a bundle of trees. Perfect for those who want a lovely romantic day in beautiful Yorkshire, not forgetting that it also is home to many events such as concerts and firework displays – sounds perfect doesn’t it!

Go to one of Sheffield’s many festivals: I know Sheffield’s festivals aren’t as well known as the usual Leeds and Reading festivals – but Sheffield has something different to offer, the biggest being ‘Tramlines’ which basically is of Sheffield’s parks, (the city has a lot of these!)  pubs and public spaces all join together to combine into a music venue. Once there was even bands performing on the buses around Sheffield, now that is pretty rare? If you get the chance, definitely go – the sun might even decide to make an appearance!

Go to the Crucible or the Lyceum: Both of these theatre venues hold a lot of musicals and others – go to the websites and take your pick! you’re bound to find something which is your cup of tea, and if you’re not the musical type of person. There’s always the Plug, Corporation and the O2 Academy to see your favourite bands, singers, groups and comedians. Go on, treat yourself!


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