Music Review – All ‘Rise’ for Geo Gabriel

In my quest to introduce into your lives some even more outstandingly talented and inspirational people, I found Geo Gabriel. British born vocalist, songwriter, producer, artist and gentleman; it’s no wonder that this gifted entertainer should rise to the top.

How his sound and uplifting lyrics create an unforgettable impact became clear when I played ‘Rise’ the second track to the self-titled EP released back in 2010 to the girls in the office. It was one of those flat I don’t want to be here kind of days and we needed a change. Rise nestled in our ears like a soothing whisper and raised our drooping shoulders indicating that we were positively ready to face the day.

Geo Gabriel will tell you that his life has been full of blessings all of which transcend, with thought, into his poetically justified rhythms and rhymes. Having worked in the past as a session singer with some of the most iconic and influential artists in the music industry such as Madonna, Ruby Turner, Beverley Knight and Joe Cocker; Geo has learned anything is possible.

The embodiment of ‘Rise,’ the EP, in collaboration with DA Unit and his critical acclaimed debut album Queen of Heartz released in 2003, is life through changes; life, birth, losses, obstacles, belief, togetherness and soul. Whilst RnB is a more recognised description today I am a little old school in my thinking and have missed soul music. Geo Gabriel has put the soul back in the music by showing us his own without boundaries or self-imposed limitations.

Finding the words is easy for Geo Gabriel, real talk is his theme and for those who can’t seem to express their life’s experiences, doubts and triumphs, Geo does it for them. Without bias or arrogance he is an artist that connects to listeners in any environment and delivers to a live audience humble enthusiasm and encouraging hints reminding us, ‘We’re all in this together’.

Fun, infectious, talented, fearless, family man, artist, visionary and believable Geo Gabriel has many qualities but for me and the girls in the office there is one thing that he will always be…a mood changer.


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