How To Stay Happy

Recently, I’ve found that society and the media are generally more positive. Happiness has become more prominent, especially with Pharrell’s chart-topping hit “Happy” constantly being played on the radio. Although we’re surrounded by smiling faces and upbeat music, you may still be feeling a bit down, especially after the winter weather we’ve had! So I’ve decided to share my top 3 tips on “How To Stay Happy”.


Tip 1: Listen to music & dance

I’ve always loved music, especially when you find the track that fits your mood perfectly. Normally, I have my songs on shuffle, but for times when I’m low, I stick on my “90s Music” selection, as I’m always cheered up by a bit of the Spice Girls. If you’d like a more physical tip, then you can put your music or radio on, and dance madly around your room. This dancing releases endorphins which will boost your mood and make you feel less stressed.


Tip 2: Socialise more

I know getting dressed and going out is probably the last thing you’d like to be doing right now, but I find hanging out with friends, watching films and eating pizza really relaxes me and increases my happiness levels. There’s something about lounging around in your pyjamas with friends that’s really satisfying and a lot better than being on your sofa alone watching repeats of TV shows you’ve got the box set of (seriously, you’ve seen that episode of “The Big Bang Theory” several times in the past few days)!


Tip 3: Catch those rays (or Raybans)

According to science (well, my friend who’s studying science for A Level) you need just 15 minutes of sunlight a day to get your required dosage of Vitamin D. I find sitting in the garden, or in the park for a while can be really soothing as there’s nothing like feeling those sun rays hitting your face. Whether it’s a walk with a friend, or a picnic with your family, as long as you’re soaking up the sun, you’ll be getting those vitamins. A research study recently showed that β-endorphins increase after sun exposure, and β-endorphins make you feel good!”

So what are you waiting for?! Go outside, stick your speakers on, and have a dance with your friends!

Let me know if any of these tips are helpful, as I’d love to read your comments!


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