L’Wren Scott – Suicide of a Seamstress

Suicides, accidental or deliberate are an everyday, heartbreaking occurrence which leave us with the shortest question to a lengthy problem, why? There are so many reasons for someone to end a life they cannot bare to be in any longer and for those who feel the need to obliterate, for a moment, the demons and troubles by way of drug use, run the risk of falling into a deep state of abandon never to return.

Philip Seymour Hoffman and Whitney Houston died by the use of  drugs taken over a number of years. A form of escapism if you will and although we call their untimely deaths accidental, there must have been, in the back of their creatively perplexed minds the knowledge that this form of abuse will not end well. What if they weren’t ready? What if someone had told them that they would not see their loved ones and children again after this last hit? Would they be here now?

L’Wren Scott is another casualty of not being able to withstand life and the pressures that go with it. It is reported that she took her own life by hanging. Those close to her will be shattered by the premature ending of an illustrious career and beautiful beacon of light adorning women with her individual style and grace. Others, may not be as understanding and will never fully understand why a woman who seemed to have it all can let go, ‘just like that’.

Reaching the empty point of no return doesn’t happen over night. No emotion left to feel, no thoughts to make her think twice, no nostalgic reason to keep moving forward; just fear. The hope she may have had once, driven by her creative genius, her vision of the future and her once youthful optimism was no longer enough. Did she or anyone who takes their own life have faith? Religious or otherwise this may have made a difference to the final decision she ever had to make or perhaps it was decision making on a daily basis that she was most exhausted by.

Questions will be unanswered but there is, in this overwhelmingly sad story one certainty; she left a legacy. Thousands of women who when draped in her designs feel as sumptuous as the materials that she bound together.


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