Bare Faced Truths

no makeupTo all those who criticised, snubbed and insulted the no-make-up selfie trend… then you should feel pretty damn stupid right about now. Any ridiculous statements expressed by cynics are about to be well and truly quashed. Below I’ve explained why you are so completely wrong about underestimating what can only be described as a spectacular social media phenomenon…

“You’re just a bunch of sheep conforming on social media”

You call it conforming, but in the context it really isn’t. Being a sheep is about doing whatever in order to fit in socially, but this is definitely not that. How can you even compare it? This is about women coming together to help raise awareness and support charity. Social media is all about sharing information, right? So why not engage others by spreading the word for a good cause? It’s using the internet effectively – maybe if you got off your high horse and thought about it properly you would realise it’s a clever and charitable campaign.


“Put the slap back on, love”

To all the outrageous, despicable lads who have uttered any such degrading comment: the girls who have been brave enough to expose their bare faces should be respected, not insulted. Considering most females use makeup on a daily basis – relying on such products to enhance their features – going au naturale is likely to be quite a daunting prospect for many girls. It’s refreshing to see women promoting natural beauty as opposed to layering on the slap, so those who have the audacity to be rude about the fresh-faced photos need to re-evaluate their ideas. Then again, these comments are only uttered by insensitive and immature boys anyway.


“These girls are just attention-seeking”

How is taking a photograph of yourself without a scrap of makeup on an attempt to fish for compliments? If anything, it’s capturing you at your most vulnerable and potentially self-conscious, so it shouldn’t be considered an act of vanity. Besides, if people want to praise these girls and tell them how lovely they look without make-up, then what’s the problem? There’s nothing wrong with boosting confidence and promoting natural beauty along the way.


“How does taking selfies help?”

Moan all you like about the “hype”, but you can’t argue with the statistics – over 1 million pounds was raised in just 24 hours when this social media trend blew up all over the web. Just by passing on the “nomination” and getting others involved (boys included with their “make-up selfies”!) awareness has been raised, prompting a significantly large number of people to donate to this great cause.

Of course everybody knows about cancer and its devastating effects, but pushing the topic forwards more regularly and prompting people to get involved will boost promotion of the charity and encourage more donations.

As far as I’m aware using the vast platform of social networking sites to engage people in working together for charity is a stroke of genius. The overwhelming support and participation of the public has clearly made an incredible impact, not only for Cancer Research, but also for girls and their outlook on beauty.

So, to anyone who scoffed at the no make-up selfie movement, take your negative, worthless words and eat them, because they are looking pretty insignificant now.

Keep donating everyone! Text BEAT to 70007 to give £3 to the Cancer Research charity.


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