How do we just switch off?

I am the sort of person who worries about anything and everything. I over think things far too often. Over analysing is one of my biggest problems and I find it extremely hard to switch off at night. If you’re anything like me then you will know that it is impossible to just stop. So how do we just switch off?

Being in a peaceful environment gave me the time and space I needed. I finally felt like I could relax. I put everything else to the back of my mind and just enjoyed the peace and quiet. Maybe this would work for you too.

Talking to your friends and family is also very important as it will help you more than you realise. Keeping things bottled up isn’t healthy and will only make you feel more alone. Sharing your problems with the people who care about you can only be a good thing. Even if they don’t have any advice, they will always be there for support.

Do you ever feel like you have so many things going on at once that you just don’t know where to begin?

Taking time out for yourself is crucial in these situations. We all have one of those days where nothing seems to go right and we end up feeling down and stressed out. You need to take a break and stop beating yourself up about everything! The chances are you have probably made the situation ten times worse by over thinking it, once you get the space you need, you will be able to think clearly about what needs to be done.

Reading a book, watching a film or maybe even just going for a walk to clear your head are all things that can help you to relax. Escapism is a great way to forget about daily reality and indulge in daydreaming or entertainment.

The truth is, we never really switch off. We just put it to the back of our mind until it needs doing. Forgetting about everything for a little while is key. You need to be able to focus and prioritise what comes first, then you can deal with the rest later.

It’s not always a bad thing to think of yourself. Give yourself a break, you probably deserve it.

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