Escort are taking the world by storm

Following the success of their tour across Europe and the USA, Brooklyn born disco orchestra Escort are taking to the stage for a very rare gig at London’s Queen of Hoxton.

After the acclaimed rerelease of their debut album they have just put out an EP of new music which features remixes courtesy of Little Boots, Jacques Renault and Tiger & Woods. The band’s sound combines classic dance with modern pop and features instrumentals that you are unlikely to get from anyone else around at the moment.

I got the chance to chat with singer, bass player and Parisian model Adeline who now fronts the band. Adeline disclosed that their influences range from Chic and Prince to Curtis Mayfield and Kid Creole and the Coconuts. She said: “We try to listen to everything and just get inspired by anything really.”

Speaking to Adeline it’s clear to see how much she loves to perform as she revealed: “I just love the stage, you know, I’m a song writer and I love writing and I love the studio but the stage is really the highlight of my life in general that’s just what I like to do the most.”

Eugene Cho (keyboard) and Dan Balis (guitar), original founders of Escort, met in an electronic music class at Vassar College where they began making house singles. Shortly after they decided they needed a more organic sound as they wanted to make their new music in the spirit of the old stuff they were sampling.

Originally the duo called on favours from friends and fellow musicians, bringing in players one at a time to achieve their layered sound that they are known so well for today.

Escort have grown massively in numbers and ambition since 2006 and they are now a complete 17-piece disco band however a lot of the only time they spend together is when they’re all on stage. However they are well known for their electric performances and this makes for sell-out tours when they do all finally come together.

Adeline explained how when they first started playing in New York they started to bring in everybody who played on the album so that they could achieve the sound they are known for today. She said that currently: “It’s actually around 15 members but when we travel obviously it’s impossible to just bring everybody so we can play with just five people or seven, between five and 10 actually so the last tour we had between five and seven people and it will be the same here in New York.”

She described what it’s like to work with such a big team: “Personally as the lead singer I feel like I’m being carried by all these people because there’s literally 14 people behind me so it’s kind of a magical experience.”

When asked what we can expect from Escorts new EP that is set to be released in January, Adeline said: “Well, you know the escort sound but with a different twist to it I guess.”

I know I can’t wait to get my hands on it and I’m looking forward to hearing more from Escort as it sounds like they’re going from strength to strength!

Check out their website at where you can view the gallery, see what they’re up to and listen to their latest tracks.

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