On Wednesday’s we Wear Pink

Instagram posts of Regina George, copious tweets of ‘That’s so FETCH!’ or ‘You go Glen Coco!’ and Facebook quizzes to test what a true fan we really were, made us all repeat in shock that it’s been ten, yes TEN, years since the release of Mean Girls.

It’s the ultimate teenage girl cult film that changed the way we look at high-school, it created the ‘Plastics’ and that showed a talented Lindsay Lohan pre-bisexuality, drug use, speeding fines and cosmetic surgery.

Show me a girl, or even guy, under 25 who can’t quote at least 3 lines from the blockbuster and I will eat my pink shirt. The film not only helped girls understand the trials of teenage friendship groups but it also taught us that, no matter who you are in high-school, how many friends you have, or how many days a week you wear your hair tied back, nothing can quite live up to the difficulties of teenage ‘cliques’.

So to commemorate the decade of everything Fetch, here are some of the most iconic movie cliques and gangs we have all, at times, wanted to be a part of!


5 – The Breakfast Club (1985)

breakfast club

5 of the most stereotypical teenage personas are shoved together in one detention room. From the jock, the nerd and the loner, right up to the preppy princess, these unconventional friendships made you decide, without a shadow of a doubt, which one you were. With everyone hoping they weren’t the nerd… The Breakfast Club was a small insight into the roles of teenage high-school, and the importance of popularity in the eyes of your peers.


4- Quadrophenia (1979)


As a British teen-cult film set in Brighton, Quadrophenia set apart the cliques from over the Atlantic from our own, very British, ‘gang’ culture. Following Jimmy, a 60’s mod, the film places emphasis on identity, belonging and popular trends of the decade. With violence and sex, it helped shape the coming of age of many teen of the time!


3- Grease (1978)

Grease Sing-A-Long

No matter how old you are, what gender you are or if you like cheesy teenage musicals or not, everyone and I mean EVERYONE wanted to be a T-Bird or Pink Lady. Whether it was Danny Zuco’s dreamy quiff or Rizzo’s scary but contagious confidence, a leather jacket or pink satin bomber has donned the backs of many at fancy dress parties or stag do’s. With definitive tunes and a real sense of teen spirit, this teen cult classic is the Godfather of high-school cliques and shows the importance of loyalty and first loves!


2- Easy A (2010) 

911160 - EASY A

Emma Stone’s Character, Olive, encompasses the adolescent troubles of sex and relationships, and the bitchy talons of competitive females during your teenage years. Not so much a ‘clique’, but more a crazed religious cult, Amanda Bynes heads up a Christian Society who try to help all of the ‘slutty’ high school girls abandon their seductive ways and follow the lessons of the Lord. Sure, it doesn’t quite follow the conventions of most popular high-school groups but it’s still worth noting the incredible powers of the pre-adult mind.


1- Mean Girls (2004)

mean girls

The ultimate teenage clique movie, the queen of all high-school divides, and the film which shaped the character you became for your 5 years in adolescent education: Mean Girls! With Janis Ian’s table plan of the cafeteria outlining the distinct gangs of North Shore High, the entire movie captures the ever growing necessity for friendship groups. With the film headed by the ‘Plastics’, a group of model-looking, rich, pink-clad females there is quote after quote of hilarious inclusivity, almost cringey wannabe trends and priceless two-faced drama. Yet even though we hated the power of Regina’s reign, we secretly all wanted to be a part of pink Wednesdays!!

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