PCA 10 Poker – the richest tournament there is

Wouldn’t you love to make your living from playing poker? No more early morning starts or coffee-laden wake up calls to get to the office on time to read your early morning emails, simply sitting at the table with your best straight face on, trying to play the best hand, or fake the best hand of course in order to win millions in prize money – sound good? Meet the guys who actually do make their living from playing cards.

The PCA Poker tournament, with a prizepool set at a mouth watering $5.7 million in total, with just over $2 million going to the overall winner of the tournament is in its second day and eyes are focused cleanly on who will end the tournament as the winner? The gruelling tournament is not for the faint hearted.

All the poker heavyweights are here, from Tom Dwan, Antonio Esfandiari, to Dan Shak and JC Alvardo – the live poker tournament series sees professional players from all over the globe head to the table to compete to find the best of the best.

With billions exchanged every year by professional players, poker is one of the richest and toughest card games out there – and anyone who thinks that it is just a game, we don’t know any game with a 5 million prize fund? Join us and watch the PCA Poker tournament live and fascinate in the tension of cards.

Next time you are playing poker with your buddies on a Saturday evening, just remember – everyone had to start somewhere right? See yourself sitting at the table with the professionals one day? Just make sure you bring your glasses, it will be a long night.

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