Best Cars for the Wealthy

For everybody out there, a car means freedom and expanding the horizons. Regardless of whether you live in China or in the United States of America, in Finland or in Australia, a car will be able to take you to places you want to be at and to places you need to be at without having to depend as much on trains, planes and buses. It gives you more independence.

For the wealthy though, cars are more than that. Expensive cars are more than just freedom of movement, they are financial freedom and a symbol of the status of the person who owns it. Expensive cars are beauty, technology and social status all at once. Which are the best cars for the wealthy though? Read on and find out more.


Luxury SUVs

Sports Utility Vehicles (better known as “SUVs”) are among the most popular cars for the wealthy – and not without reason. Their history goes back to the cars used in the Second World War and some of the oldest brands out there include Jeep and Land Rover. Although originally these cars were not considered to be luxurious, in 1966 Kaiser Jeep created a new marketing category, that of luxury SUVs, with the famous Super Wagoneer. With bucket seating, air conditioning and many other luxury features for that age, the car soon became famous.  Soon after that, Land Rover introduced their own luxury car – the Range Rover. Nowadays, both of these car brands are considered to be among the most well-known luxury SUVs in the world and they are popular among many people out there.


Sports Luxury Cars

If you don’t want a large and heavy car, then a sports car would probably suit you best. These cars usually come with 2 seats and 2 doors only, but what makes them versatile and loved among many car enthusiasts is the high maneuverability and the great features that come with such a car. You can find both luxury sports cars and “Spartan” ones on the market, but the first ones definitely come with quality worth paying for. The history of the sports car goes as far back as the beginning of the 20thcentury and although the name itself did not come up until the First World War, the incipient rally cars and touring cars are considered to be among the first “ancestors” of the modern sports car. Nowadays, grand names of the car manufacturing industry make luxury sports cars anyone passionate about them would fall in love with: Porsche, Fiat, Toyota, Lamborghini, and so on. Each and every one of these cars offers something great and special and making a choice will probably be quite difficult given the wide range of variants available out there.


Executive Luxury Cars

If you don’t want an SUV, but you are not up to a small sports car either and if you want something on the classy edge, then an executive luxury car is what you are searching for. From Mercedes Benz to Alfa Romeo and from BMW to Cadillac, there is a very wide range of options available out there and there will definitely be one suitable for you as well.

Buying a luxury car is one of the most exciting purchases you’ll make, so spend a little time researching what will suit your needs best and then enjoy the extra luxury.

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