Colours that Really Influence Romance

You might not notice it, but different colours have different ways of making you feel. I want to teach you how to use colours to create the desired feelings in others.

The First Date – If you want to make a great and memorable first impression, the colours you decide to wear are of great importance. I highly recommend that women wear red on the first date. It has been scientifically proven, over and over, that men are most attracted to this colour. For men, I suggest wearing grey as this usually looks best and women are most attracted to it (according to experiments). Grey has a cool and stabilising effect, whilst red sets a passionate and exciting feel.

The First Kiss – Assuming that you haven’t already done this on the first date, there are also colours that will make the first kiss better. You can’t really plan this moment, but if you do, I’d suggest wearing something orange. Orange is a warm colour that brings out joy. It also frees and releases emotions, renews interest and is guaranteed to lift the spirits.

Meeting the Parents – For this stressful situation, I would suggest wearing something green. Green is connected with nature,  and helps us connect and empathise with others. Wearing something green will relieve your stress and theirs, and help you make a good impression.

Making Up – After a fight (if there is a time gap between seeing your significant other) I would suggest you put on something white. White is the colour of purity and peace. It also gives a feeling of being neutral, not sparking intense emotions, and gives off a general feeling of comfort.

Moving in Together – At this stage, both of you already like each other. Make sure you have a say in which colours the walls will be painted. For the living room warm tones like red, yellow or orange and earth tones like beige and brown work well, because they tend to stimulate conversation (which is good in relationships).  It is said that painting the kitchen blue and white makes for great memories, and painting the kitchen yellow also works well as it produces clear thinking (yummier food).  You want to paint your dining room red as this stimulates appetite. For the bedroom, where you go to relax and reconnect with your partner, cool colours are best. These are shades of blue, green, or lavender, for example, which are great choices. The darker the hue, the bigger the calming effect is believed to be. This will also help you sleep.

Enjoy colouring your love life to set the moods you desire!

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