Breaking Free

In one of his most epic Queen songs, Freddie Mercury sang “I want to break free!” and I now understand what he means. I am not fully sure if his concept matches my concept but I think I can embrace his message. Breaking free; being free in life and not being structured or tied down to laws of society. Being you; feeling empowered and filled with self-confidence. Simply living life the way you want to, not the way you are told to. Breaking free is the way we should all be living and it’s a philosophy (alongside ‘Hakuna Matata’) that I have recently adopted.

I was (notice the positive confirmation of my epiphany) guilty of being and feeling structured. I continuously felt the desire to acquire a step-by-step routine of my life. I wanted my life more scheduled and accurate than what we see in ‘24‘ – I was (notice it again?) being stupid. I was not living my life properly; I was taking it for granted and I was creating something that was not truly for me but instead Cameron or one of his friends!

The effects of perusing this life was exhausting. These expectations were making me feel stressed; I’m covered in eczema and psoriasis scales because I was expecting perfection. I was not living life for me but instead some mental image that I had formed for myself. For example, I am 100% certain that I want to work in the music industry, either as a musician or a radio presenter. But for some reason I felt as though I had to choose between the two career paths, I could not love and fight for both. I’m aware that I am rather pathetic in carrying this perception as I can do whatever the hell I want, but it’s something that I found hard to deal with. On the other hand, I am no longer carrying this outrageous belief and here’s the reason why:

Yesterday, I was introduced to the essence and beauty of life and love in John Green’s ‘The Fault in our Stars‘ (the movie, not the novel). Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters gave me a symbolic slap on the face and I soon realised that I really did not possess any concerns in my life. At all. Then following Hazel Grace and Gus, Company Magazine’s columnists confirmed the power of life and how we are bombarded with these given restrictions by society. Thank you, guys! Hazel Grace and the Company clan opened my eyes, my heart, my life and soon making me realise that I am free.

I purposely wrote this personal article for you because I want to give you your wake up call. I have been living in a ridiculous slumber and no doubt, there are many of you out there who are doing the same. Maybe you don’t text your friend because you think it’s too late in the evening? Or maybe you don’t write your Yuppee article because you don’t believe that you’re capable of being an epic journalist? And maybe you choose to stress over imperfections instead of being the powerful you, all because its more simple to do so. STOP! Don’t be living your life this way because it’s a complete waste. By no means am I saying do whatever you want because I’m not. You need restrictions in life; you can’t be going around peeing in the street because you feel like it or sitting on your bum opposed to helping another all because you really couldn’t give a damn about helping to find your neighbours’ missing kitty cat. Be classy and be you. Live your life in a way that makes you happy; don’t wait for a horrible illness or social shock in order to make you see sense. See it now and break free!

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